Sep 6, 2007


While last in Missouri, I was flipping through one of Diane's magazines and found a really cool idea for a pillow that went across the entire bed and had a pretty vine and a bird stitched on the top. I modified this idea and made it a "Marcie Original" and here is what I came up with:

I know it is a little lumpy, but it isnt quite finished yet. Actually, this leads me to a really hillarious story. I hand stitched all of the wool felt leaves and vines onto the top. It took forever, and when I finished, I was so excited to start stuffing. I went to Walmart and bought some Polyfil. Come to find out, a 1 and a quarter pound bag is $3.50 and a 10 pound box is only $14, so, I opted for the larger amount because I figured I would need quite a bit. I got home, sewed the edges together and started stuffing. I tried very hard to do it like I have seen Diane do in the past... stuff the corners, stuff evenly and fill up to the top... however, I kept stuffing and stuffing and stuffing and it seemed as though I could not get past 1/4 of the pillow! I showed Drew and he said... "I don't know sweetie, I guess you should just keep stuffing." He said something about what he had seen his mom do in the past, so, of course I then thought he was an expert on pillow stuffing, so, I kept going. My arm was getting SO tired by this point, so, I decided to give up for the night. Of course, in my artistic ADD, I got busy and left it alone for a few days while I did other things. Then a couple days ago, my friend Becca was over, and we were in a crafty mood, so, I pulled the pillow out to ask for her advice. She suggested that we pull out all the stuffing and start over. I pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled and soon, my entire "second bedroom studio" was flooded with Polyfil! There was about 1000 pounds of it in that one quarter of a pillow. I figured out that I had left one key step out of the whole stuffing process... you have to fluff the stuffing before you actually stuff the pillow! So, I had all these little clumps of stuffing that we fluffed and stuffed, and the amount of stuffing I fit into that quarter of a pillow eventually filled the entire pillow as you see it in that photo! Whew, I was laughing so hard by the end of that I could barely stuff! Needless to say, i should buy a book entitled "Pillow Stuffing for Dummies". I seriously wish I had a photo of the entire room filled with Polyfil!

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Diane said...

Hey, Marcie---I laughed at your pillow stuffing antics! I'm picturing Lucy & Ethel here. But the picture of the pillow looks terrific. Glad you're having fun with fabric---welcome to the "Dark Side" (as Mike puts it!).