Sep 9, 2007

Weekend Projects

I have been busy this weekend! Yesterday, Drew had to work. I felt sorry for him, but I had a lot to do anyway, so, it worked out ok. He was bored all day, poor thing! Yesterday morning, I got up and went to help Jerri on her new house. Here are a few photos of the progress:

That grey object that Joe is pointing the tape measure towards is a dead rat... I told Jerri it deserved to be in the scrap book as one of the nasty things she has encountered on her home journey. So, here it is. I don't scrapbook!

Here are a couple of the crafty projects I have finished this weekend:

With that awesome fabric I bought at Make, I made a wrap skirt. The photo does not do it justice!
It is about knee length, and it is pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

I also finished the awesome curtains I was planning, however, they ended up a bit too short for the bedroom, so, they ended up in the dining room instead. They are awesome though, and I love them. This just gives me an excuse to go buy more fabric for the bedroom curtains. For now, I'll stick with the tapestry I bought at Urban Outfitters a long time ago. Here are the curtains:
ps. Do not pay attention to the room... it's a bit messy.

Well, that's all for my craftiness tonight. Hope everyone is doing well!

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Unknown said...

The curtains look awesome! Good job!