Oct 29, 2007

The blanket of DOOOM

So, no time to do much lately, because school has been so crazy, but I am about to get to the season where I spend every free moment crafting it up. Drew is going to be so glad when the 1st of the year comes around. I can't talk about everything that I am wanting to do, because a lot of it is for my devoted readers, ha!

So, I have been working on this blanket for Gloria (friend of the family who is having a baby boy in January) for at least a month now. I was so gung-ho when I started that I think I got a little over my head. This blanket is going to be hu

ge, and so heavy that the kid won't be able to carry it until he is 15. But it is going to be gorgeous. Here are the colors:

Ok, wow, they look really crappy on the computer... but I promise, it looks awesome together. I am crocheting just with simple double crochet stitches with both yarns held together, and then when it is finished, I plan to add a yellow border... or maybe orange depending if I can find the right yellow...

Pictures when I finish (which, hopefully will be this week sometime!)

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