Dec 20, 2008

Some funny photos...

First Family Christmas gathering of the year. Check out some photos here:

A Sister for Grace: Some funny photos...

Dec 10, 2008

Random Photos

Here are some random photos of my kitties and me and Drew (had to edit it a lot and make it look crazy cause it was too blurry originally). Aren't we a cute family??



Dec 9, 2008


It's snowing outside and I left my CF card for my camera at school!!!!! GAH!

Dec 8, 2008


I finished putting up all my Christmas decorations last night and wanted to show all of you who wouldn't be at my house this Christmas season.

I have been thinking of something to put above the couch forever! I made some wire trees to put up their for now - inspired by Rebecca Ellis, a lovely woman with a very creative mind.

Here's my tree. I love it so much. Every ornament reminds me of someone special, or of a special time. It's definitely hodge-podge, but I am working up to having a whole Santa tree one day.

And my mantle with the beautiful stockings that Diane made for us...

And the whole effect, including kitties!

Dec 4, 2008

FBA Faculty Christmas Party

Here are some photos from the Christmas Party at Eno's in Bishop Arts District. We had a great time!! If you want copies of the photos, let me know and I will email them to you, or you can click on the photos and they will open larger for you to save from my blog. Sorry that they are out of order!
The Kims, the Walkers, and Mrs. Hargrave
Merrymans, Eklunds and Mr. Arnold

The "Kid Table"

Jessica and Kansas enjoying some yummy root beer.

Buffet line... YUM!

The Childers and the Roans

Coopers, Mr. Nichols and Carol

Happy Birthday, Mr. Roan!

Thanksgiving Week

Well, it is good to be back in the swing of things after Thanksgiving. Our trip was nice, and I enjoyed getting to spend time with Drew's family, but unfortunately, I was sick nearly the entire time we were there. I still feel kind of icky, but way better. I have the Care Now doctor stumped, but don't plan on going back to waste my money on him trying to figure it out with limited resources. If I start feeling worse, I will ask around and try to find a "real" doctor - not saying that Care Now docs aren't real, just probably need to go to a specialist, or someone with greater resources.
Anyway, here is the photo of the "Dodd kids" we took on Thanksgiving. I think I could have looked quite a bit better if I weren't grimicing in pain (smile through the pain!!). Oh well... my hair is messy and the sweater (which I am wearing again today) makes me look fat, but at least Drew and Steven look awesome.

My darling husband was helping his dad outside while we were there, and they heard a weird noise - like someone screaming. Guess what it was? A kitty - a mean, horrid little spoiled rotten kitty who now lives in our house and terrorizes my sweet little Clark and tries to eat our human food, and runs around non stop running up your leg, meowing, and picking fights. *sigh* It's a good thing I love animals so much, or else this cat would be finding a new home outside in the cold. The picture below is of Clark hiding from Lois (yes, she has an awesome name... maybe she will grow on me). We keep her in a crate at night, and Clark will curl up at my legs and finally rest after fending her off all day and purr. I feel sorry for leaving him at home with her all day by themselves.
Since Thanksgiving, we have already been to one Christmas party, and have 2 more planned for this weekend, one a week from today, one the following weekend, and then it's Christmas! Only 11 more days of school - and 3 of those are exam days!! I love Christmas. I started wrapping presents last night and the living room looks so festive.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

Nov 16, 2008

Birthday Party slash Housewarming Fiesta

Last night, we had lots of our closest friends and family over to our house to celebrate Drew and Jeremy's birthday, as well as open up our home for the first time for everyone to see. It was a great success! Here are some photos of the event. I would write more, but we haven't turned on our heater yet, and my fingers are so frozen that it is hard to move them where I want them to go on the keyboard!

Here's Drew and Jeremy getting ready to blow out the candles...

... and here is them caught in action. Hope they made a wish!

Here is our new fireplace screen. Isn't it SO much better than the old one? I found it super cheap at Target of all places! Man, I love that store!

And here is a really cool picture of the kitty. Isn't he cute??

Nov 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Drew!

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday. I am lame and didn't make him a cake, but I am about to go make him dinner and birthday malts. Diane and Mike, thanks for having him! I am very blessed to have such a wonderful guy!

Nov 1, 2008


Check out my Aunt's blog for some photos I took while Drew and I took Grace and Annabel trick or treating last night.

Some things I have been meaning to post about...

So, for a while now I have been meaning to post about all of the cool plants that Jerri got me, and all of the cool pots that Drew got me, and the cool "new" piece of furniture that no one is quite clear where it came from...

I am finally taking a second to update with some photos to show you all what has been going on. Keep in mind, these photos were taken a few weeks ago, so, the plants are much bigger, and the ones that are shown inside have been moved outside due to kitty attacks.

Here is my "new" furniture. Somehow, this came from Meme, but I think it was actually in the 618 house. My friend took it to use when we were cleaning out the house, and since she recently got married, I inherited it back. I really love it and it fits perfectly in a small vacant space I had. Great place for plants, if there were no Clark.

This is a lime tree... a Mexican Lime tree to be exact, and I love it very much. The cool pot came from Amigo's Pottery in the Farmer's Market. I highly recommend them if you are looking for pots, or Mexican tile, or a chiminea. I really want a chiminea.

Here we have a pepper plant and a cilantro plant. They are both outside. The cilantro is almost dead because I have no idea how to take care of a cilantro plant. I think it is getting too much sun.

I have no idea what this thing is, but I love it. I love it by my fireplace, but Clark does not. He thinks it is a chew toy, so, now it is outside.

Here are some of the other plants on my front porch. I have 2 mums in awesome pots, a begonia, a lambs ear, some daisies, lantana, and the one at the top on this picture - have no idea what it is, but it is another one of my favorites.

Ahh, I love our house...

Oct 7, 2008

Bullet Point Update

Because I have too many things to talk about and no pictures, here is a bullet pointed update:

- On Friday, I saw Sarah Palin's motorcade in downtown Dallas from our Teacher's Lounge window. It was history in the making, hehe, and a pretty amazing sight. For someone who isn't even in office, I have never seen so many police cars in one location at one time. She had 3 helicopter escorts, a huge line of cars, and from our vantage point, we could see several sharp shooters on the roofs of nearby buildings.

- I still don't have photos of my plants uploaded. I'm sorry. I did, however, Miracle Grow them, and they are looking AWESOME!

- Tonight was National Night Out in Dallas, and our neighborhood had a little gathering around the corner from me. I got to meet a lot of new people, and feel very thankful to live where I do! I hope to get to know them all better! I am amazed at the diversity of my neighborhood, and love all the interesting people I met tonight!

- I am exhausted - too tired to make anything more than a few frozen taquitos in the microwave, so, I shall go to bed. I forgot a few of my bullet points, but oh well! Goodnight Never Never Land!

Sep 27, 2008


Today was great. I love great Saturdays. I could have slept in if I had chosen to, but today, there was too much that I wanted to do for my house. I got up early and went to breakfast with Jerri, Grace and Annabel. We had awesome coffee and great bacon at the Original Pancake House and then headed to Lowes for some plant shopping.

Jerri was very sweet and bought me some beautiful plants for my house. I love them! I was so excited that I got Drew to take me Pot shopping. We went to the Farmer's Market in downtown to a place called Amigo's Pottery. I had been there before, and the same awesome guy helped us out today. We are picky pot pickers, haha, and had to have one way at the top for our Lime tree (yes, we have a lime tree - photos tomorrow). He went and got a latter and smiled the whole time! I give this place two thumbs up for service and 2 thumbs up for price. Their prices beat both Home Depot and Lowes!

When we got home, Drew got our brand new mower all fixed up and ready to go, and he mowed the yard while I potted plants. I can honestly say I have never seen a boy smile when starting up a mower, but there was a big smile on Drew's face when he got to start his very own mower in one pull, hehe. Our yard has probably never looked better (really hasn't since we have lived here!). We are now on our way to Yard of the Month, haha! Wouldn't that rock?

I'll post photos of the plants tomorrow and tell you what all I got, but for now, here is a picture of some new furniture I inherited. I always get it in my head that the furniture I get is some family heirloom, but it usually ends up being from some random friend of my grandparents and not special at all, so, I will not try to make up a story for this one. All I know is that I love it, and it goes perfectly with my decor! If I ever get a china cabinet, the cabinet will take it's place, and the desk will become the buffet in the dining room. It will fit perfectly!

While I am on the subject of giving props - let me say that I love Pledge Polish and Protect Plus. This stuff smells great and took this desk from shabby to snazzy! It is even supposed to work on stone, granite and stainless steel! I'll keep you updated.

After a quick shower and putting away all of our tools, we got take out from Eno's Pizza in Bishop Arts District. It was AMAZING!! We tried the Linguini (with shrimp) and the supreme pizza. I think I have a new favorite pizza place! The inside of this restaurant was gorgeous, and just a fun atmosphere. Great for date night! Plus, I went to school with the owner, which is pretty cool. He graduated a couple years before me, so, I don't know him well, but if I did, I would give him a high five for an awesome restaurant. It was a little pricey, but I will definitely eat here again!

Tune back tomorrow for some photos of my gorgeous front porch!

PS. Does anyone know why Jana used to call me Scooby? I was thinking about that today and I am curious. I'm hoping it wasn't because I looked like a dog, haha. Let me know if you know!

Sep 26, 2008

I made a LOLZ!!

Here is my rendition of I Can Has Cheeseburger.

Now, tell me why they have a giant turtle at a petting zoo at the Fair that you can't touch or feed? Hmmm...

State Fair of Texas

Today was Fair Day for Private Schools within 100 miles of the State Fair Grounds. Grace and Annabel had the day off for teacher work day, so, we decided to go to the Fair today since it was opening day. We had a great time, and here are some photos from the day.
This is the new Skyway at the Fair. I didn't ride it, but I think I will see if Drew wants a go on it when we go in the next few weeks.

This is me and an Alpaca. I want one.

This next series of photos is Grace and Annabel riding the Log Ride. They would make a good flip book.

And how happy are they here? We had a great time!

Sep 17, 2008

Holy cow it's been a while...

Let me start out by apologizing for being so out of touch so far this September. Drew and I have had quite the hectic schedule, and being sick on top of that just zapped me out of my normal routine. Drew just started his Masters, and with the HUGE amount of work he has for the Academy, and then his own school work on top of that, he is so busy and tired, and I feel tired just watching him do it all! Yes, I have my own busy-ness, but we all know I would go crazy if I weren't constantly busy, so, that is just understandable.

This week at my house is Girl's Night out, so, I finally forced myself to get around to making the curtain for the kitchen nook. Here is a photo of how it turned out. I love it, and so does the cat (he's pulled it down already).
Later - an example of what I assigned my photography kids for a big project. I am so excited to see how they turn out!

Sep 1, 2008

A clean first impression

Being Labor Day, I had the day off, which was awesome. I started out my day by trying to find something to use as a coffee table in the den. I went all over the place and found nothing, so, I was a little frustrated! But then I came home and started cleaning and arranging, and my success took all the frustration away. Here are some updated photos. It is so nice to come into the house to a view of 2 clean rooms! I need to have people over since it is clean! Who wants to come play Skipbo?

In our front yard, we have a beautiful Texas Sage growing. I love that we have a plant that is alive, haha. Plus, it is so pretty! Now Drew and I officially are in possession of 2 live plants.

Below is a photo of the living room, which you have seen multiple times. I switched up the stuff on the mantle a little though. I decided when we moved to take the mirror off the bedroom dresser, and have been a little worried about what to do with it, until today. I had a genius idea to take it off the frame and use it above the mantle. I think it looks pretty awesome. I still adore the windows too. I was over at Bobby and Sydney's yesterday and she has a fire place grate that is stained glass. I REALLY want to get one!

This awesome yellow chair was a "gift" from Jessica. She didn't want it any more, and I thought it was awesome - plus, the color looks awesome in my room!

The dining room - finally clean and decluttered!! I stole this awesome idea from Joanna to get bottles and use them as the center piece on the table. I am going to fill them about half way with dirt and plant some seeds in them and make mini terrariums. I think it will look awesome. I'll post photos when I get that done.

So, I had this awesome idea to put plates on the wall, but now I am not sure if I like it or not. The color goes awesomely, but it seems too small for the large space there. I might have to figure out somewhere else to put those.

Aug 31, 2008

Rock Band

Yes, I am a rock star (in my dreams). I will openly admit it, just in case any of my close circle of friends did not know or comprehend my awesomeness and now would like my autograph for their collection so that one day, when I am discovered, they will become ebay millionaires. Let me start off by saying how I have always wanted to be a drummer - think of the power! You alone are responsible for the tempo and the rhythm of someone's favorite song. Plus, you get to look awesome while doing it. So, yesterday I got to live out my dreams, if only for a moment, at a wonderful Rock Band party. Here are some photos:

Is it still a self portrait if there are other people in the photo with you? I do not know the answer to this one, but I love this picture anyways.

This is me being a drum legend. Watch out Rick Allen (former Def Leppard drummer)!

Dustin, Beastie Boys, Sabotage. Nuff Said.

The guys rocking out.

Ahh, so much fun. I stand by my statement that people who need drugs and alcohol to have fun are simply boring.

Aug 25, 2008

The Lawn

Although I have never had children, I imagine that owning your first home is much like having your first child... you have no clue what you are doing, and it doesn't come with an instruction manual. I cringe to think of some of the things that we need to do to the house and how much money it will cost!

Yesterday, it was the lawn. It rained pretty much all week last week, and the lawn finally came back to life... in places, haha. I walked through the back yard before Drew mowed to pick up sticks and the grass was higher than my ankle. Like everything else we have done for the house, the yard was an ordeal. I was planning on hiring someone to come do it the first couple of times, but I didn't get a bid lower than $100, and I could get a decent mower for 2-3 professional lawn mows! So, Drew and I stayed frugal, and did it ourselves. We went over to Meme and Papa's and borrowed the truck (thanks again Papa!), and then over to Mom and Dad's to borrow their lawn mower.

While Drew got things ready to mow, I started pulling weeds in our front yard. Weeds may not be the correct term - they were more like miniature trees, but from the weed family. And they covered almost one half of our yard! Drew said it looked like I was cultivating vegatables or something pulling up all of these weeds by the roots. I got almost a full trashbag full of weeds. I didn't compost them because I have heard that if you compost weeds, your compost will grow weeds. Is this true?

Then we moved to the back yard. Our back yard did not get as much attention as the front because we were so tired and sweaty after working in both places. Dad didn't have line for his weedeater, so, I did a little trimming by hand and got about half way up one side walk with about 40 pounds of grass in a pile, haha, so, I quit. When Drew finished, it was hard to tell what color he actually was for all the grass and dirt he was covered in!

I wish I had taken before and after photos! (of the yard, and of drew)

Now on to more challenges: in 5 days, I get to pay a mortgage for the first time in my life. Ew.

Wish Drew luck, it's his first day back at school!

Aug 20, 2008

Long awaited...

Yes, I know it has been fooooreever! I honestly did not want to post photos until I felt that the house was "done"... but as so many people have pointed out - the house will never be done. So, you can see the small things I have been doing, and hopefully see my vision as well! Promise to post more frequently in the future!

Here is our bathroom. In this room, we repainted, got a new bathtub and retiled in the shower area. We also moved the light fixtures. I really like the way this room turned out, which is why this picture is first, haha. There are still a few things I want to do - get a mirror to go in the arch, buy a very small medicine cabinet to go by the door, and find a rug that is very skinny, but goes the whole length of the room that won't show a lot of dirt (not too much to ask, right??).

Here is our kitchen during a rainstorm - yes, it is raining in Texas! I never appreciated that so much until my lawn became embarassingly dead. Anyway, we painted in here as well, which you can see at the top right of the picture. It is the same color as the bathroom, and perhaps my favorite paint color ever. On the left, we took out the large wall oven and Papa put up shelves for us. I bought some fabric and I am going to sew a curtain to put over it so we can hide our storage until we can afford to have a cabinet maker come out to put real doors there. This kitchen is small, but I do like it a lot.

I haven't gotten too far with the living room yet - it was the room that all the boxes were dumped in, so, now that I am finally down to 4 boxes, you can see the couch and the floor, haha. I did a lot of work in there today, and hung a few pictures. I am still trying to decide what to do over the couch - needs to be something awesome. I love the things that are on the shelf - all so meaningful to me (except the bottom row of shelves - those are mainly things that haven't found a real home yet). I have a pitcher from my Aunt Jana, a salt container from my Meme with an old wives tale that says that as long as you have salt in your house, you will always have enough money; my grandpa's Bible, toys that my grandpa made, beautiful souveniers from China, and my wedding album. Every time I look at that shelf, I just feel blessed to have such a wonderful family and husband and home.

And last but not least, our bedroom. Drew and I are in total agreeance that we HATE the curtains and that they need to go as soon as humanly possible. It's not that they aren't pretty, they just don't fit our tastes and aren't really what we had in mind for our bedroom. I think we are going to go with a solid color - either blue or brown. I also need to come up with something for above the bed in here. I might paint something, or I might find some really awesome fabric and stretch it on some canvas frames.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. It is so much fun to have your own home and be able to do whatever you want to it! There have been a few setbacks (broken bathroom faucet, shelves in the closet falling out of the wall), but all in all, I am incredibly happy with our home. One of the most peaceful things I have ever experienced is looking out my window and watching the rain fall on my very own back yard. *deep sigh* haha.