May 20, 2008

Some cool links...

Art Related:
Yes, Dallas does have Culture! Here is a site that proves it.

One of the most amazing photography websites I have ever seen in my life.

Blogs that I love:
My aunt, Lisa Pittman, is a professional photographer and she totally rules. Here is her blog.

Not Martha is one of the coolest blogs I have ever found. She posts tons of awesome links, and is always on the ball with her posts - always awesome for someone as impatient as me, haha.

I also read Angry Chicken on a nearly daily basis. I love the way she describes the things she is making and how family oriented she is.

How About Orange is a great crafty blog as well. She posts a lot of helpful links and I love her style.

And one that I somehow found today (probably off a link from one of the above mentioned blogs) is The Park Bench. "Celebrating the girl nerd way of life with news, features, reviews and general musings on all things nerdy." What's not to love?

Random Awesomeness:
I didn't know whether to put this in Art or Craft, so, I decided "random" would work. Seriously, who wouldn't love a hand made fabric Brain??

Feeling creative

Diane (my mother in law) is coming to Dallas in a couple of weeks. Seeing as how the next couple of weekends are pretty crazy (Memorial Day and the following weekend is Robin's Wedding!!), I thought I would start the horrid process of cleaning house a little early. So today, I tackled the "studio" which is actually just the second bedroom in our apartment that I intended to use in a creative manor that has actually become the nasty junk room. I unearthed a lot of half started projects and really got the urge to create.

I started a project tonight while watching Jericho with Drew that I am excited to see how it turns out. I took a ton of Drew's old band t-shirts and I am cutting squares out of them to make a "quilt." I think it will be really neat if I can just keep with it til I finish. I have a bit of free time at work this week, and since my sewing machine is already there, I thought I would do a bit. I have a 40% off coupon at JoAnn's, so I can go buy some batting and fabric for the backing this week, and maybe actually finish a project?!? Wouldn't that be weird?

I also had a great idea for a painting that I have been working on for months, so that might actually get finished here in the next few weeks too! I'll post photos when this project is finally starting to look like something!

May 13, 2008

the madness that is my life

I just realized that I start too many posts with "so". I will henceforth try not to do that. I can imagine as a reader, that is very obnoxious. If you are one of my loyal fans (ha!), then I apologize. But if you are one of my loyal fans, that probably means you are in my family and already know that I write like I talk and therefore, say "so" a lot and have long sentences without any breaths like this one.

In other news -

1. We have begun the long and arduous (that is the right word, right? it sounds good, at least) process of house hunting. I have to say, I have only been at it for a week and I think I have convinced myself that I am ok with staying in an apartment for another year (as horrid as it is!). I have learned that I can not afford to live in the neighborhood I want to live in without putting in a lot of effort on some serious repairs, which I do not feel qualified to do. But, as my dad suggested, I have prayed about it and I am sure that there is that perfect house out there for Drew and I and I just have to patiently keep looking.

2. I am struggling with the new one-space-after-a-period rule. I just don't think I can conform.

3. Only one more week with Seniors!! WOOHOO!!

4. Only 2 more weeks with everyone else! Woohoo!!!! (lower case, yes, but it also got 4 exclamation marks)

5. I think it is funny that as addicted to TV shows as I am, we do not actually have our tv hooked up to cable or even network connections. Thank God for Blockbuster online! Drew has had me watching all of these scary shows lately (Supernatural and Jericho to name 2). I have tried to rent 27 dresses four times now and it has been "sold out" at blockbuster! Darn you chick flick watching people!!

6. On the art front, I did a little research this morning about some art classes for myself this summer. I think I am going to call the Craft Guild of Dallas tomorrow to see what I have to do to register. They have some really cool stuff! Check it out here:

7. I like the number 7 much better than 6, so, I decided to end my post with this number. On to make some eggrolls for dinner. And the best ramen ever... Tom Yum flavored and only 28 cents each!! This is probably the crappies photo ever, but the only one I could find online. Buy this stuff, it will change your life:

May 1, 2008

Free Comic Book Day

So, as an artist, I can understand the quality and the challenge of the art in comic books, and therefore, greatly appreciate them (even though I don't really read them). My husband is a big comic book collector, so, I get to see all of the cool things he brings home.

In honor of Drew, I wanted to let you all know that this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! Lots of places are giving out free comic books and having neat events (signings by artists, demonstrations, etc). If you are in Dallas, you should check out Keith's comics - the guys there are awesome and totally helpful. (

Also, in comic news... I am totally excited to see the new Ironman movie that comes out tomorrow! It is probably the first movie all year that I have shared an excitement for with my husband. Check it out here: