May 20, 2008

Some cool links...

Art Related:
Yes, Dallas does have Culture! Here is a site that proves it.

One of the most amazing photography websites I have ever seen in my life.

Blogs that I love:
My aunt, Lisa Pittman, is a professional photographer and she totally rules. Here is her blog.

Not Martha is one of the coolest blogs I have ever found. She posts tons of awesome links, and is always on the ball with her posts - always awesome for someone as impatient as me, haha.

I also read Angry Chicken on a nearly daily basis. I love the way she describes the things she is making and how family oriented she is.

How About Orange is a great crafty blog as well. She posts a lot of helpful links and I love her style.

And one that I somehow found today (probably off a link from one of the above mentioned blogs) is The Park Bench. "Celebrating the girl nerd way of life with news, features, reviews and general musings on all things nerdy." What's not to love?

Random Awesomeness:
I didn't know whether to put this in Art or Craft, so, I decided "random" would work. Seriously, who wouldn't love a hand made fabric Brain??

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