Jun 21, 2008

Bowling Awesomeness

Tonight, our Sunday School class went bowling and had a fantastic time. Here are some highlights of the night with brief descriptions so we don't actually look like a bunch of crazed hoodlums, haha.

This is a photo of all of our bowling balls. I love how colorful they are!

David and Lindsey showing an awesome new fashion trend... and taking it seriously, haha.

Me after one of my many strikes (notice how all of the pins are still up in the background, haha)

Jeremy Bowling. He is pretty darn good.

Robin and Scott at Chilli's before bowling. Fun times.

Anywhoo, I had a wonderful time tonight and I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends! Now off to bed to get what little sleep I can before garage sale-ing in the morning.

Goodnight Never Never Land!

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