Jun 4, 2008

My Awesome Realtor and Friend

So, as most of you know, Drew and I have been house hunting over the past few months. It is a lengthy and sometimes frustrating process, but I have had wonderful help and words of wisdom from my friend/Realtor Katrina Whatley. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a home in DFW. She specializes in Oak Cliff, but knows the area well and has lead us to many things in other parts of Dallas as well.

She is honest, trustworthy, and has really been there to walk me through the process and calm my frazzled nerves.

Find her website here, call her up and use her as your Realtor. You will not be sorry.

More about the home search in future posts.

1 comment :

The Whatley's said...

Who is that gorgeous girl?! Oh yea, it is Exuma the dolphin! hehehe Thanks Marcie! It is my pleasure to help you and Drew with your home purchase...I consider it an honor to be part of this with you!