Jun 14, 2008

My newest Creation

Here is my latest and greatest creation... for which I will make millions (so don't steal my idea). I found these awesome antique pillow cases at an antique mall and made them into girls' dresses! I love them. They are so cute and so easy to make. Check my etsy shop for new ones in the next few weeks! These are already spoken for, but if you want one for the little girl in your life, please send me a message! I can make them for all sizes (baby through 10-12 years (the middle girl is 12 in July). I think they would make cute shirts for older girls too. I love them!!

Photo credit: Lisa Pittman


Anonymous said...

Marce, these are SO cute. You told me about them, but I just couldn't picture them in my mind. Totally cute!

Love you,

Meve & Co. said...

I bought a dress like this in Canton for at least $20 or $30. I can't remember how much it was, but you can make money on it!=)

The Whatley's said...

Soo cute! Good luck with Etsy...love that site!!