Jun 7, 2008

Our beautiful new house

Through the past few years, Drew and I have made a lot of adjustments in our lives. We have grown up, finished college, got married, became teachers, and now the next step - buying a house. We currently have a contract pending on a beautiful house in Oak Cliff and I am a total mix of excited, nervous and "what in the hell am I thinking??". This is so huge! So, let me give you a little tour, courtesy of the photos from the listing agent (and I will try to walk you through my awesome ideas in each room).

The house sits on a double lot, so, the lawn is HUGE. It has about 6 cedar trees in the front yard, 6 pecan trees in the back yard, a couple of Oak trees, a red bud, a peach tree, banana trees (do these actually grow bananas, or are they just called that?), and tons of other shrubs and plants. If you go here, http://www.adigitalu.com/pan/har.asp?PropertyID=9485, you can see a panoramic view of the front yard, back yard and a couple of views in the inside.

Living room

This is a view of our living room. When you come in the door, you see an arch from the entry way to the living room, and then from the living room to the dining room. It has beautiful windows and hardwood floors. In this room, I am considering a dark chocolate brown paint, with white and green accents. We have no living room furniture as of yet, so, I can pretty much do whatever I want in that room.

Dining Room

This is the dining room. I have too many ideas for this room, so, I still have a lot of thinking to do between now and our closing date. What I am thinking right now, is to put up a ledge (decorative shelf that is about 3 inches deep) all the way around the room. Above the ledge would be one color, and below would be another color. On the ledge I could put photos, paintings or some of the china that Drew's mom gave us for Christmas.


Although the kitchen is on the small side, it has some really interesting features. It has black and white marble flooring, and Granite counter tops. My plan is to remove the wall mounted oven (there is an oven that is built in that is not in the photo, and a range that you can see, but that is not the one that is there) that is from the 50s and reads the temp incorrectly by about 100 deg., and put in shelves there for the microwave, and then for pretty things. I also want to move the fridge to the wall next to it, and build cabinets around the fridge. I have no idea about paint color in this room cause it already has a lot going on. And no, the duck above the oven is not built in - it is no longer there. Glad to clear up that confusion, haha.


Behind the kitchen is this awesome wood room that we will use as the den. It has a beautiful picture window that looks onto the backyard and what was at one point in time, a fountain that I might restore if I am not too tired from doing the other things in the house that need to be done. I am thinking white accents in this room since it is already so dark. White linen curtains and throw pillows, with our couch and dark tv stand sounds pretty to me.

Master Bedroom

This room will be Drew and my bedroom, so, of course it needs a lot of work to make it a sleep sanctuary. I honestly have NO idea what I want to do in this room. I bought a ton of House Beautiful magazines at Half Price book and I am looking through for ideas.

There are two other bedrooms, one of which will be our office/studio. The bathroom needs a bit of work, but since we close a month before our apartment lease is up, we will have the time to work on it.

I am so excited! I can't wait to get the keys in my hand so that I can start painting and "nesting" as Drew calls it.

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Anonymous said...

This is so exciting, and just makes me almost giddy!!! I can't believe my baby is having all of her dreams come true! I am so excited for you and Drew, and proud as a peacock!!!

Love you,