Jul 3, 2008

Etsy is awesome.

I want to tell all of my wonderful friends about an encounter I have had this week on Etsy. (Etsy.com check it out if you do not know what I am talking about... it rules).

A seller named BayMoon Studio had an awesome (thing) that I had been thinking about for weeks to get as a small thank you gift for my awesome realtor, Katrina. Sue, the owner of the etsy shop I am speaking of, was INCREDIBLY helpful, and shipped my "order" (long story, but Sue really rocks!) super fast! I received it today, and seriously can not wait to take it to Katrina! If it weren't already 10:20 and I thought Jackson wasn't asleep, I would go by and hand deliver this little piece of awesomeness.
Seriously, check out her stuff here.
Here is an example of other things she does:

Here are some other things that I really want to get on Etsy:

This is a totally cute kitty food bowl from creaturecomfort.etsy.com I think Clark would totally dig eating out of this master piece!

Ok, I seriously wish I had thought of this... and I seriously wish I had one! How cool is this knitted dissected froggie made by CraftyHedgehog.etsy.com

Cool reusable grocery bags from baggreen.etsy.com

These are cute moving announcements from hadleygetscrafty.etsy.com I love that there is a bird, and that they talk about nesting... cause that is totally what I do.This is a rubber address stamp from sweetpaperie.etsy.com Rebecca, this is the one I was telling you about tonight. She has a lot of different options, and I love them!

Don't forget to check out my shop too! ToTheMeasure.etsy.com

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