Jul 3, 2008

Home Ownership Day 2

Well, today was exciting and busy. Our dear friend Jeremy came over and was very encouraging and helped us start the demolition on our bathroom. It already looks better!!! We got the top cabinet out and the marble around the front... now we just have the 3 huge sheets on the side walls and the tub to get out. But we needed an alan (allen? Allan?) wrench to remove the water fixtures, so, we had to stop and go eat... which was probably a good thing cause I feel much better after some fries and a Dr. Pepper!

We also worked on painting a little more. We got a coat of tinted primer up in the office, and most of a first coat of the red color we chose. It is going to be really pretty once it is solid color instead of the blotchy-ness it is now. Plus, the color is called Red Pepper, which made me smile. You know me and cool paint color names!

I haven't taken any photos of any of the work we have done yet cause I didn't remember to take my camera today, but hopefully I will get a few posted tomorrow.

Tomorrow, our plan is to go on a hunt for a bath tub. I found one I really want, but it is a little over my desired price range... but with the people we found to do the labor, we might be able to afford it. The same tub at Lowes is about $150 cheaper than at Home Depot! Do they do price matching?

We are also going to go check out Discount Home Warehouse which is owned by friends of family friends. They take stuff out of houses that are being Demolished and salvage certain useable things. I think we might be able to find a bathtub here, and possibly some cool light fixtures.

I have also heard some great things about the Habitat for Humanity outlet, so, we might go check that out too.

And then of course... FIREWORKS! I love 4th of July! I could go see Fireworks every day!

I think by the time we are done with this house, I will have the thighs of wonder woman!

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