Jul 7, 2008

Homeownership: Day 6

I never thought the day would come when I would be happy it was raining so that my grass would get some water... man, home ownership does crazy things to your brain!

So, here are some updates to our house process. It is a very slow process, but I can finally see things changing, so, I am still hopeful, although incredibly tired of cutting in. It used to be so much fun to paint my room... but now I have like 10 rooms to paint and the task seems daunting! And oh the checks I have been writing. There should be a warning label on the house when you get the keys that says "warning: prepare to write an abundance of checks with too many digits!" But that is just my tiredness talking.

I also have a growing list of injuries. I was hurting my feet all over the place, but I was lucky enough to get some new shoes yesterday so that I don't have to step on any more screws, or kick any more sprinklers, or the other stupid things I did. I also have bruises all over the place... Most of which are of unknown origin. One of them happened when I was trying to get the paint roller off the roller frame and slammed my arm into the sink. As most of you know, I am allergic to EVERYTHING, so, I am constantly itchy from all the crap we are stirring up in the house and lawn. Un-house related - I also think I could have possibly broken my pinky today... turning my steering wheel trying to get into the hideous parking space reserved for me at the apartment complex. It hurts :( And my cat bit me last night (I think he needs some attention). Enough whining... let's see some photos!!

Here is the painted mantle and living room. I think it turned out very nicely. Now if I can just figure out how to get the fire place to look less... dirty. Well, I guess I'll just have to get over that, huh? The card on the mantle is a VERY sweet New home card from Lynda. I love cards!

This photo is of our ever growing painter's tape ball. It is currently about 8 inches wide, and that is just from the living room (although it is a very large living room, and the tape isn't balled too tightly)

These lovely boxes contain the tiles for our bathroom. Amazing how such simple items can cost so much! In this picture, there are 1050 tiles. Can you believe it? I am really looking forward to taking a shower in a brand new tub!!

This is the first coat of the "Daredevil" red for the office. When I was describing the color to Drew before he saw it, I told him it was Daredevil red, not Superman red. It is amazing how marriage makes you adapt to another person. Before, i would have chosen other descriptors, but with my wonderful sweetie, comic books are a better way to relate, haha.

Bathroom demolition, stage 1. We (and by we, I mean Drew and Jeremy) removed the cabinet above the shower and the top sheet of marble. Amazingly enough, they got it off without cracking it! Tomorrow the rest comes off... hopefully. Jeremy and Rebecca, have I mentioned how much I appreciate you both?

Papa came over today and we got the wall oven removed. I am very glad to see that there is wood behind it and plenty of room for a few shelves for a microwave and my kitchen aid mixer. I also chose the paint colors for the dining room and kitchen today, although they have not been purchased. I decided to make the dining room a pretty sagey green color, and the kitchen will be a greenish blue color. Next step, call Joanna and get her expert help on the bedroom!

More updates soon!

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