Jul 31, 2008

Just what you always wished for...

Another post about my new house... I know you are all so excited! Yesterday, Drew and I took a trip out to Ikea (he has to go again today, but that is a really long story). Here are a few items that we picked up today:

This is the new computer desk. It goes in the corner and closes everything up so that you don't have to look at the computer if you don't want to. I plan on getting Drew another small table or desk for reading and grading papers at some point. Me, I am a "curl up in a comfy chair" type of reader. I tried to put this desk together last night, and one of the pieces is the wrong piece, so, Drew has volunteered to drive back out there this morning to pick up the right piece. He is such a sweetie!

This is one of the pillows I bought to go on the new couch in the living room. It looks fantastic. I love that it has houses - kind of symbolic, don't you think? I also got some really cool pillows for the den too, but the photo on Ikea's website was kind of crappy.

And we got a new duvet and duvet cover. It is really hard to see the detail here, but it is cream colored and light brown, with a kind of wheat pattern. This photo seriously does not do it justice! I can not wait to get my bed moved so I can make my bed. How often do you hear someone say that?? (Especially me!)

We also got a kitchen cart to act as an island for a little more counter space. I had to get the small one, otherwise we wouldn't be able to open the stove and the fridge at the same time, haha. I picked up some rugs for the bathroom and the hallway, although I think the hallway ones are about half the length too short, and the bathroom ones are a bit too large. I looked at curtains and was absolutely disgusted by how expensive they were. $120 is TOO MUCH for one room of curtains! I know, I know... curtains are expensive. Yeah, well, my dining room is fully outfitted with curtains that cost me a mere $30, and they are beautiful. So, my goal today is not only to get a bunch of stuff packed, but to make a run to target to look at curtains. I have this thing against being in the house when it is dark and having no window coverings - I also don't want to move in my stuff where everyone can see in, so, it has become a priority, haha.

Well, off to work! Check in later for more kayaking photos!


The Whatley's said...

oh! loooove that pillow! where is it from?

Marcie said...

Ikea, $12.99 each!