Jul 17, 2008

More updates... it's getting close!

So, pretty soon, I will actually be posting photos of the "nested" living space, but we are getting close! Here are the latest updates:

This is the den, on the wall where our tv will go. There was a panel that was missing the wood, so, I covered it with the below fabric. I adore it. I haven't finished putting the quarter round back up because I didn't have any nails, but I got those today, so, that is on the to do list for tomorrow.

Here is the fabric from Make. Seriously, check out that store, it rocks!!

The bathroom is really coming along! You can see the tile work in this photo... simple and clean! They are hoping to finish up tomorrow - cross your fingers!

Our bedroom and the paint color we chose. In this room, I have high hopes, but I don't know if I will actually get to everything before we move in. I kind of want to paint the ceiling a very light blue color. On the windows, thanks to an idea from Joanna, I am going to use sticks as my curtain rods with sheers. It is going to be an "earthy" theme.

And here is our ever growing ball of tape. It is pretty impressive right now. I suppose I should go ahead and throw it away, but when you spend so much money on something, you should get more enjoyment out of it!!

Maybe more tomorrow!

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The Whatley's said...

The tile is looking great!!! I can hardly wait to see the finished bath! I am so impressed with how quickly things are coming along for you! Great job(s)!