Jul 13, 2008

New family member!

My aunt Jerri has finally gotten confirmation on a travel date to China to adopt another beautiful little girl! We are filled with excitement for Jerri and Grace, and are also very prayerful as they make their journey to China. I wish I could go with you!! Her name will be Anabel, and she is currently 10 years old. I am pretty sure she likes red things, which is cool cause red is a good color. She is also wearing cool pants in this photo and apparently likes peace a lot, haha... as you can see we don't know much about her! But as with Grace, all that will change as soon as this little girl is immersed in our crazy family!

The whole adoption process has brought up a lot of emotion in our family (especially Jerri) - excitement, nervousness, hope, and a lot of nostalgia. My aunt Jana, as I have previously written, passed away over a year ago. It was incredibly difficult on our family, and we still miss her terribly. She was the instigator of a love for China in our family. She adopted beautiful Darcey, and also traveled with her two girls (Gillian and Darcey) and Jerri to China to bring Grace home. Because of her, Jerri developed a passion for this country and for the children it so flippantly disregards. Because of them both, I am soon to be the proud cousin of 3 CAP's as Gillian calls them - Chinese American Princesses, hehe.

If you would like to donate to help Jerri and Grace out with their travel expenses, please do so here:

You can also visit Jerri's blog here to learn more about their journey and all of the latest developments.

I can't wait to meet the three of you in the airport in just a few weeks!

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Can you speak Chinese?
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