Jul 10, 2008

A Photojournalistic Approach to Homeownership

This will be someone's Christmas present. It could be you... if you are lucky!

My view as I walk in my house. Isn't it beautiful? Now, imagine it with white linen curtains on the windows in the green dining room and antique plates displayed on the wall behind my beautiful dining room table. *sigh*

This is the new light fixture for the entry way. I ADORE this light fixture. I want all of the matching ones...

Here is a matching one that I bought for the hallways. (Well, I bought 2 of them actually). They are larger in diameter, but shorter I believe from ceiling to tip. Anyway, they will be BEAUTIFUL and they were such a bargain! I really (REAAAAAAAALLLLLLY) want to get the matching chandelier!

Today I started painting in the kitchen (more photos soon), and here is what I discovered when I took off a switch plate. How hideous!!! Who would paint their kitchen that horrid color????

This is one of the Brandons, as we have been calling them, working on my plumbing in the bathroom. God bless Brandons.

List of what was accomplished today:

-Finished painting the mantle.
-Watered the lawn (for too long... oops)
- Bought bathroom light fixtures, hallway light fixtures, and entry way light fixtures
- Finished painting the ceiling in Hallway B
- Started painting (1st coat) the ceiling in the kitchen
- Taped off the kitchen to paint tomorrow
- Drew completed the 2nd coat on the red in the office... but ran out of paint (sad day)
- The Brandons removed the bathtub from the bathroom
- The Brandons found looooots wrong with the wiring in the bathroom
- The Brandons fixed the plumbing in the bathroom

-(non-house related) Girl's Bible Study - discussion of the power of praying for your husband - amazing. I seriously love the girls in my Sunday school class and I am so thankful to be able to meet with them every Thursday!

To Do:

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