Jul 14, 2008

Warning: This might be a long one.

Here are some updates we have made to the house over the past couple of days.

This is a picture of the new light fixtures I bought for the hallways. Hallway #1 has the ceiling completed and light fixture up. Hallway #2 has a single coat of white on the ceiling, and will hopefully be complete tomorrow so I can get the light hung as well. Then I will start working on the walls, which will be the same color as the living room.

Our tub was delivered and installed today, woohoo! In this picture, you can see the cool tile that was on the floor before they put down the larger tile. I love old timey tile! I have no idea where the Ajax came from, because I assure you I have done no cleaning in the house as of yet (although it needs it badly!) I figure it is pointless to clean when there are two guys tracking in dirt all day long, and painter's tape everywhere.

This is the laundry room that I painted today. It is the same color as the kitchen - my new favorite paint color! I feel lucky that the kitchen only took half a gallon so that I could use some in the laundry room as well. Maybe if I am lucky, I can get Drew to agree that this color would look fantastic in the bathroom as well! Who knows... I doubt I will even get to the bathroom until late this week anyway since the guys will be tiling.

This is the box that our tub came in. If I were a kid, I would have SO much fun playing in this box. Instead, I am going to cut it into pieces, take it to school and force my students to create awesome works of art using cardboard! (muahahaha)

Whew, the 4th and final coat of red (well, 3 coats of red and one coat of tinted primer) went up in the office today, thanks to Drew. He still has a bit of touch up work to do around doors and windows, but it is looking fantastic! I can't wait to have an awesome computer desk, book shelves and Drew's screen printed posters up in here!

Here is a picture of the chandelier that we bought to go in the dining room to replace the very tacky one that is there currently (if you love the old one, I am willing to part with it, haha). Now all the light fixtures in the house will match! I am so excited to see this up. In the photo, it looks brassy, but it is more of an oxidized iron finish. I think it will look really amazing with the green walls and my dining room table! I can't wait to have dinner guests!!

Here is a photo of my latest art endeavor. Lindsey, if you read this, I could really use some arty advice. I don't think it feels finished, but I don't know how to finish it!

Now on to eat dinner, watch some tv and crash! One week til Missouri! Yay!

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Anonymous said...

The red looks awesome! I might have to get that color from you for our media room.