Aug 31, 2008

Rock Band

Yes, I am a rock star (in my dreams). I will openly admit it, just in case any of my close circle of friends did not know or comprehend my awesomeness and now would like my autograph for their collection so that one day, when I am discovered, they will become ebay millionaires. Let me start off by saying how I have always wanted to be a drummer - think of the power! You alone are responsible for the tempo and the rhythm of someone's favorite song. Plus, you get to look awesome while doing it. So, yesterday I got to live out my dreams, if only for a moment, at a wonderful Rock Band party. Here are some photos:

Is it still a self portrait if there are other people in the photo with you? I do not know the answer to this one, but I love this picture anyways.

This is me being a drum legend. Watch out Rick Allen (former Def Leppard drummer)!

Dustin, Beastie Boys, Sabotage. Nuff Said.

The guys rocking out.

Ahh, so much fun. I stand by my statement that people who need drugs and alcohol to have fun are simply boring.

Aug 25, 2008

The Lawn

Although I have never had children, I imagine that owning your first home is much like having your first child... you have no clue what you are doing, and it doesn't come with an instruction manual. I cringe to think of some of the things that we need to do to the house and how much money it will cost!

Yesterday, it was the lawn. It rained pretty much all week last week, and the lawn finally came back to life... in places, haha. I walked through the back yard before Drew mowed to pick up sticks and the grass was higher than my ankle. Like everything else we have done for the house, the yard was an ordeal. I was planning on hiring someone to come do it the first couple of times, but I didn't get a bid lower than $100, and I could get a decent mower for 2-3 professional lawn mows! So, Drew and I stayed frugal, and did it ourselves. We went over to Meme and Papa's and borrowed the truck (thanks again Papa!), and then over to Mom and Dad's to borrow their lawn mower.

While Drew got things ready to mow, I started pulling weeds in our front yard. Weeds may not be the correct term - they were more like miniature trees, but from the weed family. And they covered almost one half of our yard! Drew said it looked like I was cultivating vegatables or something pulling up all of these weeds by the roots. I got almost a full trashbag full of weeds. I didn't compost them because I have heard that if you compost weeds, your compost will grow weeds. Is this true?

Then we moved to the back yard. Our back yard did not get as much attention as the front because we were so tired and sweaty after working in both places. Dad didn't have line for his weedeater, so, I did a little trimming by hand and got about half way up one side walk with about 40 pounds of grass in a pile, haha, so, I quit. When Drew finished, it was hard to tell what color he actually was for all the grass and dirt he was covered in!

I wish I had taken before and after photos! (of the yard, and of drew)

Now on to more challenges: in 5 days, I get to pay a mortgage for the first time in my life. Ew.

Wish Drew luck, it's his first day back at school!

Aug 20, 2008

Long awaited...

Yes, I know it has been fooooreever! I honestly did not want to post photos until I felt that the house was "done"... but as so many people have pointed out - the house will never be done. So, you can see the small things I have been doing, and hopefully see my vision as well! Promise to post more frequently in the future!

Here is our bathroom. In this room, we repainted, got a new bathtub and retiled in the shower area. We also moved the light fixtures. I really like the way this room turned out, which is why this picture is first, haha. There are still a few things I want to do - get a mirror to go in the arch, buy a very small medicine cabinet to go by the door, and find a rug that is very skinny, but goes the whole length of the room that won't show a lot of dirt (not too much to ask, right??).

Here is our kitchen during a rainstorm - yes, it is raining in Texas! I never appreciated that so much until my lawn became embarassingly dead. Anyway, we painted in here as well, which you can see at the top right of the picture. It is the same color as the bathroom, and perhaps my favorite paint color ever. On the left, we took out the large wall oven and Papa put up shelves for us. I bought some fabric and I am going to sew a curtain to put over it so we can hide our storage until we can afford to have a cabinet maker come out to put real doors there. This kitchen is small, but I do like it a lot.

I haven't gotten too far with the living room yet - it was the room that all the boxes were dumped in, so, now that I am finally down to 4 boxes, you can see the couch and the floor, haha. I did a lot of work in there today, and hung a few pictures. I am still trying to decide what to do over the couch - needs to be something awesome. I love the things that are on the shelf - all so meaningful to me (except the bottom row of shelves - those are mainly things that haven't found a real home yet). I have a pitcher from my Aunt Jana, a salt container from my Meme with an old wives tale that says that as long as you have salt in your house, you will always have enough money; my grandpa's Bible, toys that my grandpa made, beautiful souveniers from China, and my wedding album. Every time I look at that shelf, I just feel blessed to have such a wonderful family and husband and home.

And last but not least, our bedroom. Drew and I are in total agreeance that we HATE the curtains and that they need to go as soon as humanly possible. It's not that they aren't pretty, they just don't fit our tastes and aren't really what we had in mind for our bedroom. I think we are going to go with a solid color - either blue or brown. I also need to come up with something for above the bed in here. I might paint something, or I might find some really awesome fabric and stretch it on some canvas frames.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. It is so much fun to have your own home and be able to do whatever you want to it! There have been a few setbacks (broken bathroom faucet, shelves in the closet falling out of the wall), but all in all, I am incredibly happy with our home. One of the most peaceful things I have ever experienced is looking out my window and watching the rain fall on my very own back yard. *deep sigh* haha.

Aug 10, 2008

Photos from the Day the girls came home!

Here is Gillian waiting patiently at the airport for the first view of Jerri, Grace and Anabel (after running to different gates 3 times because no one would tell us the right place!)

Gillian's beautiful Welcome Home sign depicting the Great Wall of China, the airplane, and the wonderful reunion!

Our first view of J, G and A through glass. Jerri was so excited and waving that she almost got run over by a cart full of handicap people! How embarrassing for her, haha.

Papa meets Anabel - love at first sight

Look how sleepy Grace looks!

She didn't know what I was saying to her, but she knew that a camera meant smile - Lisa, she is ready for the pro!

The girl's bonding for the first time. They are so awesome together!

Meme and Anabel

Jerri doing the typical Chinese photo pose.

Me and my D.

Aug 6, 2008

The Excitement of Home Ownership

So, I got a call this morning (still in my PJ's of course) that the repair man from our Security System company was on his way to test our fire alarm. So, I get up, throw on some jeans and put my hair in a pony tail, and get ready to open the door for this guy, thinking it would be routine maintenance.

The guy gets here and starts doing his thing, and then asks for my code # - like I would actually tell it to him. He starts the test for the fire alarm, and asks me to let it go for a minute before I enter in my pin #. So, I enter it in, and then there is a ring of my door bell. It is the fire department, ready to put out my fire!! I finally convince them that there is nothing wrong and that the stupid technician from the security company did not know what he was doing, and they leave.

Then, I get a call from my Papa who is frantically driving over to my house because my security company had called his house to let them know that my house was on fire. Ahh! Poor Papa probably had a heart attack over that. I feel horrible!!

All of this to say, home ownership is very interesting.

It doesn't quite feel like home yet, but that is because everything I own that I do not use on a daily basis is still in boxes (and there are about 10 more boxes of useless items at the apartment).

Pictures to come soon, I promise - just can't bring myself to take pictures of the chaos!

Drew and I both have the day off, so, I am hoping to get a lot of work done!