Aug 10, 2008

Photos from the Day the girls came home!

Here is Gillian waiting patiently at the airport for the first view of Jerri, Grace and Anabel (after running to different gates 3 times because no one would tell us the right place!)

Gillian's beautiful Welcome Home sign depicting the Great Wall of China, the airplane, and the wonderful reunion!

Our first view of J, G and A through glass. Jerri was so excited and waving that she almost got run over by a cart full of handicap people! How embarrassing for her, haha.

Papa meets Anabel - love at first sight

Look how sleepy Grace looks!

She didn't know what I was saying to her, but she knew that a camera meant smile - Lisa, she is ready for the pro!

The girl's bonding for the first time. They are so awesome together!

Meme and Anabel

Jerri doing the typical Chinese photo pose.

Me and my D.

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