Aug 31, 2008

Rock Band

Yes, I am a rock star (in my dreams). I will openly admit it, just in case any of my close circle of friends did not know or comprehend my awesomeness and now would like my autograph for their collection so that one day, when I am discovered, they will become ebay millionaires. Let me start off by saying how I have always wanted to be a drummer - think of the power! You alone are responsible for the tempo and the rhythm of someone's favorite song. Plus, you get to look awesome while doing it. So, yesterday I got to live out my dreams, if only for a moment, at a wonderful Rock Band party. Here are some photos:

Is it still a self portrait if there are other people in the photo with you? I do not know the answer to this one, but I love this picture anyways.

This is me being a drum legend. Watch out Rick Allen (former Def Leppard drummer)!

Dustin, Beastie Boys, Sabotage. Nuff Said.

The guys rocking out.

Ahh, so much fun. I stand by my statement that people who need drugs and alcohol to have fun are simply boring.

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Dusty said...

Thanks for taking pictures during the Rock Band party, they look great!