Sep 27, 2008


Today was great. I love great Saturdays. I could have slept in if I had chosen to, but today, there was too much that I wanted to do for my house. I got up early and went to breakfast with Jerri, Grace and Annabel. We had awesome coffee and great bacon at the Original Pancake House and then headed to Lowes for some plant shopping.

Jerri was very sweet and bought me some beautiful plants for my house. I love them! I was so excited that I got Drew to take me Pot shopping. We went to the Farmer's Market in downtown to a place called Amigo's Pottery. I had been there before, and the same awesome guy helped us out today. We are picky pot pickers, haha, and had to have one way at the top for our Lime tree (yes, we have a lime tree - photos tomorrow). He went and got a latter and smiled the whole time! I give this place two thumbs up for service and 2 thumbs up for price. Their prices beat both Home Depot and Lowes!

When we got home, Drew got our brand new mower all fixed up and ready to go, and he mowed the yard while I potted plants. I can honestly say I have never seen a boy smile when starting up a mower, but there was a big smile on Drew's face when he got to start his very own mower in one pull, hehe. Our yard has probably never looked better (really hasn't since we have lived here!). We are now on our way to Yard of the Month, haha! Wouldn't that rock?

I'll post photos of the plants tomorrow and tell you what all I got, but for now, here is a picture of some new furniture I inherited. I always get it in my head that the furniture I get is some family heirloom, but it usually ends up being from some random friend of my grandparents and not special at all, so, I will not try to make up a story for this one. All I know is that I love it, and it goes perfectly with my decor! If I ever get a china cabinet, the cabinet will take it's place, and the desk will become the buffet in the dining room. It will fit perfectly!

While I am on the subject of giving props - let me say that I love Pledge Polish and Protect Plus. This stuff smells great and took this desk from shabby to snazzy! It is even supposed to work on stone, granite and stainless steel! I'll keep you updated.

After a quick shower and putting away all of our tools, we got take out from Eno's Pizza in Bishop Arts District. It was AMAZING!! We tried the Linguini (with shrimp) and the supreme pizza. I think I have a new favorite pizza place! The inside of this restaurant was gorgeous, and just a fun atmosphere. Great for date night! Plus, I went to school with the owner, which is pretty cool. He graduated a couple years before me, so, I don't know him well, but if I did, I would give him a high five for an awesome restaurant. It was a little pricey, but I will definitely eat here again!

Tune back tomorrow for some photos of my gorgeous front porch!

PS. Does anyone know why Jana used to call me Scooby? I was thinking about that today and I am curious. I'm hoping it wasn't because I looked like a dog, haha. Let me know if you know!

Sep 26, 2008

I made a LOLZ!!

Here is my rendition of I Can Has Cheeseburger.

Now, tell me why they have a giant turtle at a petting zoo at the Fair that you can't touch or feed? Hmmm...

State Fair of Texas

Today was Fair Day for Private Schools within 100 miles of the State Fair Grounds. Grace and Annabel had the day off for teacher work day, so, we decided to go to the Fair today since it was opening day. We had a great time, and here are some photos from the day.
This is the new Skyway at the Fair. I didn't ride it, but I think I will see if Drew wants a go on it when we go in the next few weeks.

This is me and an Alpaca. I want one.

This next series of photos is Grace and Annabel riding the Log Ride. They would make a good flip book.

And how happy are they here? We had a great time!

Sep 17, 2008

Holy cow it's been a while...

Let me start out by apologizing for being so out of touch so far this September. Drew and I have had quite the hectic schedule, and being sick on top of that just zapped me out of my normal routine. Drew just started his Masters, and with the HUGE amount of work he has for the Academy, and then his own school work on top of that, he is so busy and tired, and I feel tired just watching him do it all! Yes, I have my own busy-ness, but we all know I would go crazy if I weren't constantly busy, so, that is just understandable.

This week at my house is Girl's Night out, so, I finally forced myself to get around to making the curtain for the kitchen nook. Here is a photo of how it turned out. I love it, and so does the cat (he's pulled it down already).
Later - an example of what I assigned my photography kids for a big project. I am so excited to see how they turn out!

Sep 1, 2008

A clean first impression

Being Labor Day, I had the day off, which was awesome. I started out my day by trying to find something to use as a coffee table in the den. I went all over the place and found nothing, so, I was a little frustrated! But then I came home and started cleaning and arranging, and my success took all the frustration away. Here are some updated photos. It is so nice to come into the house to a view of 2 clean rooms! I need to have people over since it is clean! Who wants to come play Skipbo?

In our front yard, we have a beautiful Texas Sage growing. I love that we have a plant that is alive, haha. Plus, it is so pretty! Now Drew and I officially are in possession of 2 live plants.

Below is a photo of the living room, which you have seen multiple times. I switched up the stuff on the mantle a little though. I decided when we moved to take the mirror off the bedroom dresser, and have been a little worried about what to do with it, until today. I had a genius idea to take it off the frame and use it above the mantle. I think it looks pretty awesome. I still adore the windows too. I was over at Bobby and Sydney's yesterday and she has a fire place grate that is stained glass. I REALLY want to get one!

This awesome yellow chair was a "gift" from Jessica. She didn't want it any more, and I thought it was awesome - plus, the color looks awesome in my room!

The dining room - finally clean and decluttered!! I stole this awesome idea from Joanna to get bottles and use them as the center piece on the table. I am going to fill them about half way with dirt and plant some seeds in them and make mini terrariums. I think it will look awesome. I'll post photos when I get that done.

So, I had this awesome idea to put plates on the wall, but now I am not sure if I like it or not. The color goes awesomely, but it seems too small for the large space there. I might have to figure out somewhere else to put those.