Sep 1, 2008

A clean first impression

Being Labor Day, I had the day off, which was awesome. I started out my day by trying to find something to use as a coffee table in the den. I went all over the place and found nothing, so, I was a little frustrated! But then I came home and started cleaning and arranging, and my success took all the frustration away. Here are some updated photos. It is so nice to come into the house to a view of 2 clean rooms! I need to have people over since it is clean! Who wants to come play Skipbo?

In our front yard, we have a beautiful Texas Sage growing. I love that we have a plant that is alive, haha. Plus, it is so pretty! Now Drew and I officially are in possession of 2 live plants.

Below is a photo of the living room, which you have seen multiple times. I switched up the stuff on the mantle a little though. I decided when we moved to take the mirror off the bedroom dresser, and have been a little worried about what to do with it, until today. I had a genius idea to take it off the frame and use it above the mantle. I think it looks pretty awesome. I still adore the windows too. I was over at Bobby and Sydney's yesterday and she has a fire place grate that is stained glass. I REALLY want to get one!

This awesome yellow chair was a "gift" from Jessica. She didn't want it any more, and I thought it was awesome - plus, the color looks awesome in my room!

The dining room - finally clean and decluttered!! I stole this awesome idea from Joanna to get bottles and use them as the center piece on the table. I am going to fill them about half way with dirt and plant some seeds in them and make mini terrariums. I think it will look awesome. I'll post photos when I get that done.

So, I had this awesome idea to put plates on the wall, but now I am not sure if I like it or not. The color goes awesomely, but it seems too small for the large space there. I might have to figure out somewhere else to put those.


faye said...

Looks so good! You are SOO much further along than us!

Marcie said...

Well, we have lived in the house for a month now, and have owned it for 2. You'll get there. I have no doubt. I also wanted to tell you that I saw a really pretty dining room table for $249 at Crate and Barrel on Knox!