Sep 17, 2008

Holy cow it's been a while...

Let me start out by apologizing for being so out of touch so far this September. Drew and I have had quite the hectic schedule, and being sick on top of that just zapped me out of my normal routine. Drew just started his Masters, and with the HUGE amount of work he has for the Academy, and then his own school work on top of that, he is so busy and tired, and I feel tired just watching him do it all! Yes, I have my own busy-ness, but we all know I would go crazy if I weren't constantly busy, so, that is just understandable.

This week at my house is Girl's Night out, so, I finally forced myself to get around to making the curtain for the kitchen nook. Here is a photo of how it turned out. I love it, and so does the cat (he's pulled it down already).
Later - an example of what I assigned my photography kids for a big project. I am so excited to see how they turn out!

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