Nov 16, 2008

Birthday Party slash Housewarming Fiesta

Last night, we had lots of our closest friends and family over to our house to celebrate Drew and Jeremy's birthday, as well as open up our home for the first time for everyone to see. It was a great success! Here are some photos of the event. I would write more, but we haven't turned on our heater yet, and my fingers are so frozen that it is hard to move them where I want them to go on the keyboard!

Here's Drew and Jeremy getting ready to blow out the candles...

... and here is them caught in action. Hope they made a wish!

Here is our new fireplace screen. Isn't it SO much better than the old one? I found it super cheap at Target of all places! Man, I love that store!

And here is a really cool picture of the kitty. Isn't he cute??


faye said...

Sorry that I didn't come...My little bro's bday party got moved to the same day, blah, blah, and even though I was thinking of it the DAY before, I am such a scatterbrain (and apparently, so it Bruce) that I was sitting at the computer at 8:20ish when reality sunk in. I was in my jammies, but boys are fast to get ready, so Bruce rushed over.

Are you on break all next week?

faye said...

Yes, I do like to take pictures! I have been trying to find where I packed my camera! I'm not very good, but I like doing it.


faye said...

Dude, you ARE Vinny(ie?)...Seriously, I would say at LEAST every other weekend. And on election night??

Did you hear it tonight?! It was close to you...I actually didn't hear it, just the aftermath. Check the message boards!

By the way, we were neighborly and kept an eye out over Thanksgiving!