Feb 4, 2009


Before you freak out, no, I am not pregnant. But I do have 2 friends in my Sunday school class that are. And it is about that time... baby shower time. And what better time to have a baby shower than spring (well, almost spring).

In a couple of weeks, our Sunday school girls are throwing a baby shower for Chastity. She is having TWINS! Here is a "diaper cake" (or "diaper tower" as Drew likes to call it) that I made for her shower. It took a while to figure out how many diapers should go on each tier, but with some awesome engineering skills from Drew, I think it turned out great. I was going to try to do a Pooh themed "cake", but the selection of yellow ribbon really stunk, and I saw this really neat pink ribbon and decided to go with that. Amy, if I do one of these for you, I need a swatch of your fabric, hehe.

I don't know what happened, but sometime in my transition from child to adult, I shot the Procrastinator gene out the window. I guess that is actually kind of cool, but I think I'll take the "cake" over to Lynda's anyway so that the cats don't get tempted. They thought the empty diaper box was really sweet, and I don't want them to go searching for that smell! (clean baby diapers smell nice)

If anyone else would like a diaper cake, I am pretty much an expert now, so, let me know!

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Martha Locke said...

Now aren't you clever! I wish you would come over here and use some of your unique talents on my poor house. Our stuff looks older every day, and I'm SICK of my office. Not only do I not have work to do in it anymore, but it's UGLY!!! But - your diaper cake is cool, and so are you!