Feb 25, 2009


So, my camera battery charger is "missing" and I haven't really wanted to post without having some photos to show. But it has simply been too long. Bullet point update:

- Here is a really crappy photo of my new fridge. Drew got this for me for our 3 year anniversary! I was only able to snap one photo before my camera died, and I tried to edit it the best I could, but without photoshop at home, it didn't help much. But you can see how beautiful the fridge is! Can you believe Drew and I have been married for THREE years?!? I know to some of you, this isn't that big of a deal, but it seems like quite an accomplishment to me that we are still happy with each other and still want to spend the rest of our lives together after 3 years of marriage. If I could offer 3 pieces of advice to anyone getting married (one of each year, haha), it would be this: Tell each other you love each other every day, whether or not you feel like it; have a hobby that does not involve the other person - something you can do by yourself, something that helps you have your own identity instead of relying on the other person to complete you; and have fun! Don't take life/marriage so seriously.

- I am sick... again. Last weekend I took my students to Tyler for the District Art competition. We placed first!! As soon as I got home at around 7pm, I got into bed and crumbled. I am fairly certain I had the flu. I was lucky that Monday was presidents day, but I even had to take Tuesday as a sick day because I felt so horrible. Now, I have taken Tuesday and Wednesday off of this week too! I am sick and tired of being sick! I feel well enough to sit up at the computer today, and I might actually go take a shower (ha!), but I still don't feel like talking much, and that is kind of a necessity if you are a teacher! All my M's sound like B's because my nose is so stopped up. I went to the doctor yesterday and they just said it was an upper respritory infection. Of course, nothing you can do for that except sleep and drink lots of fluids. I'm tired of fluids!

- Diane is coming in town this weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing her, but hoping that I get well so that I can clean this house a bit! We are planning on going to Canton on Saturday! I don't know why, but I really love Canton.

- Week after next is Interim Term at school. I am taking a group of 13 students to several different museums around DFW. I am excited to get to go on tours to all these wonderful museums!

- The week after that is Spring Break!! Drew and I want to go do something fun, but haven't planned anything yet. Hopefully we can find something to go do outside of Dallas - we both really really need a break!

Nyquil is clogging up my brain right now and I can't think of anything else. Maybe if I think of more things, I'll actually post again this week!

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The Whatley's said...

Wowowow~ great fridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!