Mar 31, 2009

My weekend... in backwards order

As you can probably tell, I had a very eventful weekend. It looks as though my next few weekends are going to be eventful as well. Since blogger for some reason inserts the photos in the opposite order that you prefer, I will go in backwards order to describe all that the Dodd family has been up to lately. First of all, we are getting a "new" garage. Actually, it won't be a new garage at all, but it will be straight, pretty, and actually have doors! Woohoo! Work got started yesterday, and as it progresses, I'll post photos. Here's the garage from another view. Here, Tim is building two Carriage style doors out of Cedar. It is going to be SO beautiful!

For my birthday, Meme and Papa bought me a tree! We brought it home on Sunday afternoon and Drew dug a hole for me to plant the tree. I am so excited! Our very first tree. One day, 20 or so years from now, we can show our children the tree we planted, haha. It is a magnolia tree, and it has several blooms already!

Saturday night, Drew and I had our Sunday school class over for a cookout and game night. We played Pictionary and Taboo and had a great time. As much as I hate to admit this, the guys did triumph this time. It won't happen again!

Friday night, Drew and I went to Grace's 11th Birthday Bowling Bash. It was pretty fun until I fell and cracked my head against the floor... ouch! It reminds me of that news story where the girl had to have brain surgery because of the same thing... yikes! Happy Birthday Grace!

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faye said...

I was thinking I had already commented over here; I have so already read this post and thought I commented!

Thanks for the kind comments! All in all, it is a little relieving, because I've just become sooo tired, etc., that it's nice to know this isn't how it is supposed to be and that it could get lots better!

I will talk to you soon, I hope! Did you know the zoo is open until 9 this Friday?! Nine!!!

How did you highlight/cut go?