Mar 15, 2009

A new product I like... AND one I don't!

As I have been trying to tell Stupid Reliant Energy for weeks now, if you have a product a person likes, that person will tell 10 people. If you have a product that someone does NOT like, they will tell 100 people (well, thats an exaggeration, but you get the point). So today, I will try to even that out a bit and tell you one product I found today that I like, and one "product" that I despise and if it were possible, would throw in the garbage!

So, as you may have already guessed, I really really hate Reliant Energy. I have been getting (routinely) 2 months of regular priced bills, and then one month of outrageousness (yes, its a word). Sure, Reliant Energy, check my meter... again. Let's see if that actually does anything this time. Grr. Why are there no good utility companies??

And the product I found today that I like... Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes. Simply wipe it on, and then use a soft cloth and wipe it off and your new stainless steel fridge that your husband bought you for your anniversary will be GORGEOUS! I have heard horror stories about goopy stainless steal cleaner, but this was so easy and did not leave streaks at all! And to think, I only spent 2 hours at a Walmart with screaming children to find this product! Haha. Sorry, I got on a rant about Reliant, and now I am feeling feisty!

So, this is spring break, and I plan to enjoy it. The girls are in town, and tomorrow we are going to plant some flowers in the back yard. Drew bought me my birthday present today, so that I would have time to use it during spring break. It is an AWESOME wheelbarrow (more like a wagon), a Chiminea, and some beautiful flowers for the back yard. Our house will look amazing for game night in a couple weeks. I'll post photos soon of our sucesses tomorrow.

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