Apr 22, 2009

Garage, Earth Day, Etc.

Happy Earth Day, everyone. By coincidence, I planted some beautiful herbs and edibles yesterday, which I will take photos of soon. I planted a corn plant, lettuce, cantaloupe, beans, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc. They look great. Does anyone know if any of these have to be cross pollinated? Do I need to buy doubles of anything?

Here is the latest from the Garage update. Doesn't the door look AMAZING? I am so happy with it. Tim has one more door to go, and a few odds and ends and then we are done and will save up some money for the next project. Drew and I are thinking about some insulation pretty soon, maybe some drywall in the old hot water heater closet, and a deck.

This weekend is the Oak Cliff Art Crawl with many galleries in OC participating. Admission is free, and it is Saturday, April 25th from 4-9pm. Drew and I plan on taking part in the Bike Friendly Oak Cliff part of the evening... biking from gallery to gallery. Hopefully I can keep up! You can find more information at www.oakcliffartcrawl.com

Next weekend, Saturday, May 2nd, the girls and I are heading to Canton. Anyone interested, leave me a comment! We would love to have you come with us!

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faye said...

I love your garage door!

We would like something very similar!