Apr 13, 2009

Garage Update

A LOT of work has gotten done on the garage the past week or so. Here are some photos to show the progress. As you can see, the garage is actually level. Once Tim got to work, he realized how horrible it actually was. Originally, the owners had built the garage on the dirt, and then someone poured a foundation inside the garage. So, there was no support on the walls, and the garage eventually sunk into the ground about 7 inches or more. Tim was able to use a hydraulic jack to jack up the garage, build it up a bit, and pour new foundation around the perimeter to support the walls better. That is all done, and he has run electricity out to the garage. We now have a light inside, beautiful lights outside donated to our cause by Jay and Lynda Martyn, and plugs inside in case one of us gets the urge to go out and learn to be handy.
Drew and I had Friday off for Good Friday, and so I started the tedious process of painting the garage. So far, i do not have a very good track record for finishing this type of project, but I would really like to see the finished product, so, maybe I actually will finish this one. I got the garage scraped and sanded, and thus far, I have finished painting the sides and the front. I also finished the trim on the front. Now I have to paint the back, and finish the trim on the other sides and then the painting is done.
You can't see in these photos, but the "man door" has been hung on the side and stained. It is beautiful! It is so fun to actually see the progress. Now, all we are waiting on are the custom carriage doors that Tim is building. Once the whole thing is finished, I will post before and after photos.

This photo is to show Mike what I am talking about when I say the garage was built up and supported. You can't see the new concrete, but he said he went through 11 bags!
Side of the garage. He built this up, enclosed part of the opening to create a space for a regular door, and has since installed a door in that hole. I did the painting, and we also put up trim on the top on this side (to match the other sides).
This photo shows the level front. Take a look at the last post to see how crooked this garage was. It was insane! I also have this side painted, and the lights are installed and working.
This is an example of what we are having built, only ours will not have windows. So, imagine the bottom part of these doors, and that is what ours will look like. I am so excited to see the finished product!

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faye said...

I love those doors! You know the house on S Shore with the cedar garage doors kind of like those...LOVE that!

You are so very industrious! :)