May 31, 2009

Likes and Dislikes

Things I LOVE:
+ My most amazing, wonderful, intelligent, good looking husband. Drew is the best!
+ Early summer evenings with the grill going, a beautiful back yard of a beautiful house, and a comfy chair on the patio.
+ Good music that fits perfectly with my mood.
+ Having a plan... for the day, for the week, for vacation, for my summer job, etc.
+ A good dinner, with great guacamole, home made limeade, and freshly baked cookies.
+ My summer job - I think it is going to to totally rock.
+ Having a good book to read.
+ The end of school! Heck yes!!
+ Good friends whom you are so very thankful for and proud of... Congratulations Jeremy for graduating, Congratulations Amy and Rocky on your soon to be born beautiful baby Brinley (alliteration much?), and so thankful for so many others.
+ Being alive and feeling alive... celebrating every day.
+ Having a clean house, even though I don't much like cleaning it. (but I guess that point will come later)

Things I don't like so much:
- Paying bills
- Money in general... what good did it ever do anyone?
- Hearing my A/C on. It needs to just be cool in here without costing me so much money!
- Cleaning house, haha - specifically dishes and sweeping

Oh yeah, I love blogs too.


Rebecca Hogg said...

I concur with loving a clean house but just not the long process of getting it to that point. =) I agree-summer is so worth it!

faye said...

Things I like: Fabulous neighbors!