Jun 20, 2009

Best Friends Forever!

I am trying to update my blog a little more often... a) so that my familia will know what is going on in my life since I don't have time to update them as I should, and b) because I think it will be neat to have an account of what I have done... even the small things. My Meme has a set of journals that she writes in every single day. Even little things like "we went to Costco and got a loaf of bread" but it is so neat to see how life progresses and how you change and grow. Sometimes Meme's journal has come in very handy because she was able to tell the exact date that they bought an appliance to see if the warranty was still in effect, or tell when a particular event happened so she can send a card next year, etc. So, that is my goal. I have a feeling I will not be able to write every day, but I definitely want to start writing more than once a month!

This was a pretty good week.

In art camp news, we made paper mache masks this week. I do kind of wish we had a little more time so that we could have done more layers of paper mache, but all in all, they turned out fantastic! I can't wait to get pictures of all the kiddos wearing them. Grace and Annabel went with me to Art camp all week, and I think Annabel's mask might be my favorite of all. She was absolutely maticulous about her paper mache, and it turned out smooth and nice. She decided to make a dog mask, and since we only had bright colors, she chose yellow and blue. It looks great. I was excited too, that so many of the boys really got into it and did great jobs!

Friday at Art camp, Gillian and Darcey got to go with us as well. I was so glad to get to spend a little more time with them. We made several interesting discoveries: Vienna sausage is disgusting, Annabel is the craziest out of everyone we know, and loud, disobedient children make Marcie "almost lose it" as Gillian said, haha. Lunches for the kiddos everyday is provided by Central Dallas Ministries. One good thing about them is that they are definitely a complete meal... but that is where it ends. They are the grossest meals I have ever seen, and I am glad I don't have to eat them! Friday, the meal was a boxed lunch with a can of Vienna sausage, a bag of baked dorritos, a juice box and an applesauce cup. I think the kids were mostly curious about the canned meat, so everyone at least tried it. One little girl spilled some of the juice on herself and said "oh man, now I smell like meat!" I had to hold in the laughter! I tried to convince Annabel that she loved it, but she wasn't having it. All the girls thought it was just about the grossest thing they have ever had. But amazingly, none of them were hungry afterward. I was amazed, too, that Grace went to sit at the table with all her friends, rather than hanging around me and the rest of the girls. I am not for sure, cause she would never admit it, but I am thinking she MIGHT have a crush on this boy named Joseph. So funny.

Wednesday night, Drew and I went to movie night at the Belmont. It was definitely not as fun as the first time because I forgot my bug spray, and we sat in front of heavy drinkers that wouldn't shut up the whole time about vodka and red bull. gross.

Thursday night was week 3 out of 4 of Girl's Bible Study. We are currently watching the video series of Lies Woman Believe and the Truth that Sets them Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It is really good, and I wish that so many of my friends and family could hear her great words. One thing that I have really discovered in full is how great of a husband I really have! I never have to worry about him doing something that would hurt me because he loves me and even more so, he loves God. It is so amazing how much I have been blessed!

Friday night, Drew and I went to Gloria's with Macy and her husband, Chris. Macy is my very bestest friend since Kindergarten. No matter how much time is spent in between our visits, we always will be BFF's and we always have so much in common. It is so funny how connected we are, even when we don't know it! We ended up back at our house for some dessert and talking, and had a great time filling each other in on our crazy lives. I hope that we have kids at the same time so maybe they can be as great friends as we are!

Drew and I just got home from getting some Tacos at Jerry's Supermarket. They are yum.
Tonight, we are headed over to Meme's for Father's Day dinner. Which means, I must be off to make a "home made" (kind of) Italian Cream Cake... which, in our family, thanks to Drew, is also known as Man Cake.

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faye said...

Um, about those lunches: REALLY?!

I love Central Dallas Ministries, though. But Vienna sausages?! I have never dared to try them.

That reminds me of school lunches. If I could tell my students' parents one thing, it would be bring a sack lunch. If I could tell them two things, it would be bring a sack lunch and make sure they are reading lots at home. Before I saw the school lunches, I'd have put reading first!

It's so sad?! And yucky.