Jun 11, 2009

Braving the Storms

Last night and this morning were nothing short of an adventure.

This week was my first week to work at the Thriving Minds summer art camp at the Bath House Cultural Center near White Rock Lake. It has been good so far... great kids, fun art projects. I feel, however, more tired than I think I ever have in my life!! I have come home every day and taken a nap on the couch... although I have to admit that it is hard not to fall asleep on that couch (thanks Jer!)

Last night at around 8, a pretty severe storm rolled in to Dallas. It was lightening, thundering and the wind was blowing like crazy. It looked like the images you see on the news of the hurricanes around the gulf with the palm trees nearly bent in two from the wind just looking out our back door. The lights flickered a few times, and so ended the TV watching on the big tv. I went in the bedroom to catch the news, and ended up falling asleep at around 8:30!! I guess I really was tired. The storm woke me up around 3 (the night before, the phone woke me up at nearly the same time with a man looking for "Sylvia"... jerk). Waking up at 3 sure does make it hard to get up the next morning... especially when it is extra dark and stormy.

Evan rode with me to art camp today, and the poor thing did not witness my best side in the car. People drive like absolute morons when the weather is bad, and I was nearly run off the road by 2 separate vehicles, one being a Dart bus! God has a little bubble around me though, and we arrived safely and with not even a scratch! Once we got to the Bath House, we were amazed to see the Lake was beginning to slowly rise over the concrete barrier. The rain never let up, though, and by 11, the water was nearing the building, wrapping around into the parking lot and threatening to carry off a co-worker's car! We made an executive decision at that point to call parents and ask that they come get their kids. It was a good decision, in the end, since we found out later that many of the local roads were closed and parents had a hard time getting to us! So glad that everyone was safe and no damage occurred. I'm fairly sure we will be having camp tomorrow, just depends on whether or not it rains tonight!

This morning, Drew and I were happy to have insulation installed in our attic. Hopefully that will really help, and apparently we get a tax credit for doing it! Bryan's Conservation came out to our house and put in 9 inches of insulation, bringing us to... well, 9 inches in some places, and 13 in others... I guess. I haven't been up there yet to check it out, but my mom and dad were here when it was installed and I am sure they double checked for me. My kitties have been going nuts because of the weather, and apparently Lois got herself up in the attic and freaked out when she couldn't get down. Mom had to climb up there and get her!

Congratulations goes out to Amy and Rocky and their new baby Brinley! I am on my way up to go see the new little family.

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