Jun 14, 2009

Weekend O' Fun

Fresh out of a very cold shower, trying not to touch my slightly burnt skin, and still trying to catch my breath, I will recount the events of my ever busy weekend.

Friday: June 12
Went to work as usual and had a pretty good day with the kiddos. There are a couple of them that I particularly enjoy, and there are a couple that I wish my dad's invention of "spray Ritalin" was available for. One little boy named Michael is the funniest. He seriously has an answer for EVERYTHING! And he sounds so very matter of fact when he says it. Then there is Polly-the-vegetarian. She is cool because she totally sticks to her beliefs and checks the label on any food that is offered to her to see if it is ok to eat. My co-worker, Bonita, brought some lanyard string on the first day for the kiddos to play around with. They LOVE it! It is hard to get them to do anything else because all they want to do is make lanyards!
Friday night, Drew took me out on "date night". We started out at Half Priced Books where I picked up a sweet DK book on New Orleans - complete with awesome photos, and a book on CD - The Historian. I have always wanted to read it, and now I can listen to it on our approximately 36 hours we will be spending in the car during the month of July (this is not a complaint, I am looking forward to it!)

Saturday: June 13th
Spent quite a bit of the day on Saturday cleaning house. Having guests was a good excuse, because it really needed to be done anyway. I am always amazed at the amount of cat hair and dust I can sweep off our floors. It really doesn't matter if it has been a day or a month, I can get a full dust pan in each room... I know... more than you wanted to know! I mopped the Hardwoods with Orange Glo Hardwood Floor cleaner. I think I have talked about this before, but just in case, I absolutely LOVE it! If you have hardwoods, you need to buy this product.
I also tried some tile cleaner that did not work at all. It just left streaks on my marble floors in the kitchen, and really made it look worse than when I started. Anyone have a recommendation for tile floors?
Saturday evening, Nikki and David, our new neighbors, came over for dinner. We had a great time eating and talking and getting to know each other. Drew grilled BBQ chicken, and we had mashed potatoes, zuchini and mushroom skewers, salad (made by Nikki and really good), and the ever famous Apple Dumplings. Once you try these, your life will be complete.

Sunday: June 14th
Happy Birthday Grandma Dodd! I know she doesn't read this, but if you know her, you can tell her Happy Birthday too!
I hate to even admit this, but I slept through my alarm this morning and missed church. You will be amazed when I tell you what time I got out of bed... 11:30!!! I looked at the clock and thought maybe it was wrong and the power had gone out, but no, I really had wasted half my day!
This afternoon was the Summerfest at Eno's Tavern in Bishop Arts District. It was sponsored by Eno's (of course) and Bike Friendly Oak Cliff. In honor of BFOC, we decided to ride our bikes down to Bishop Art's. It was a great idea, in theory, but with it being currently 93 degrees outside, with a heat index of 5,000,000 - perhaps we should have rethought that. My hands hurt from the bike grips, my butt hurts from the seat, my face hurts from the burn, and my thighs hurt from peddling, but all in all, I feel very accomplished. I certainly don't look like it, but I feel as though I might have lost about 45 pounds on the ride, haha.

Some fun things happening this week:

Monday, the little munchkins and I will be starting paper mache. So fun and so messy and I can't wait!

Wednesday is Movie Night at the Belmont Hotel. Starts at sundown and this week, they will be playing Caddy Shack! Drew and I will be there with bells on (never really understood this saying).

Friday night, Drew and I get to see Macy!! Macy is my BFF from elementary school, and I definitely do not get to see her as often as I wish I did! I think we should commemorate this event with photos, what do you say?

More soon!

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