Jul 3, 2009

Makes Me Melt Like a Popsicle on the 4th of July...

Yes, that is a quote from the Little Rascals. And a fitting one, I think.

This has certainly been another very busy week in the Dodd household. Being the last week of work for me, and the last week of school for Drew, we didn't have much of a free second, but I think we are both pretty used to that. Drew had a TON of homework this week. Thankfully, he was able to get it all done and make A's in both classes. Did we expect less? Of course not.

Art Camp ended with a bang. Monday, I took the kids outside and we drew landscapes. They were quiet, attentive, and did an amazing job. I was really impressed. Wednesday, we had a film crew come out and film us busily doing mosaics for the Office of Cultural Affairs. It was a little crazy, but I think they got what they wanted. And Thursday was our last day. We wrapped up with a culminating event where the students were able to show off their dances they learned over the past 4 weeks, and also we filled the gallery at the Bath House with all our wonderful art work. It was really great. I enjoyed these 4 weeks, but it makes me thankful I do not teach elementary school on a regular basis. They just about drove me crazy with all the questions and not being able to sit still for over 2 minutes! I definitely would like to do this again next summer, though. Definitely was a success.

Tuesday, Rebecca and I went and finally finished our pottery pieces we started in DECEMBER!! We were able to paint them with glaze and Rebecca can pick them up once they have been fired. Once it is in my hand, I'll post some photos.

Last night, one of Drew's old friends came by and hung out. It was nice to sit outside and visit, but we ended up staying up WAY too late. It was our first official day of summer vacation though, so we deserved it, haha.

This morning, we woke up super early and went and had breakfast with Jeremy and Rebecca. We borrowed Jeremy's dad's tiller and created a beautiful start to a wonderful garden. I am excited to see our bountiful harvest! Once this post is finished, my plan is to go out and do some watering. It was super hot while we were working, but I think I got a little more of a tan (well, my freckles just connected a bit more I suppose).

This week, I found a really awesome chair on the side of the road and picked it up. My plan is to paint the wood black, and re-upholster the chair. I have a feeling once it is done it will look dynomite!
This is a funny picture I took of Lois this week:
Shows her true evil. I'm serious, she looks cute most of the time, but this is the REAL Lois!

Well, I'm tired and a bit grouchy due to Reliant Energy right now, so, I am going to end this post and hopefully tomorrow post again with some photos of our Fourth of July Celebration!


faye said...

I cannot believe you found that chair on the side of the road!! Is that teak?!

You'll have to give me recovering tips. I don't know how to do it, but I've recovered a couch with my mom. I guess I didn't learn enough (maybe she did the hard parts?).


Unknown said...

loving that chair!!!!!!!!

faye said...

You are missed...

You and Drew wouldn't be interested in the Team in Training thing, would you? Might be fun. You can be like me and walk the whole thing and just run if feeling adventurous.

Check out the Team In Training website if you think you guys might be interested. No pressure, but both Bruce and I thought of you two.