Jan 7, 2010

Fun things

For interim term at school this year, a co-worker and I will be teaching a class on the Art of Domesticity (cooking, how to set a table, how to "keep house", and on the benefits of buying local/organic/healthy foods). How cool is that?

I have been doing some online research today and found some really interesting things I'd like to try one day. So, I'll put them here to remind myself:

First of all, Rainbow Cake from Whatever... Isn't that so pretty? I think it would be fun to make for a party... a TEA party! I have been talking about having one for ages.

As soon as the heater repairmen leave (yes, my heater is broken on the coldest day of the season), I plan to head over to the book store to pick up How to Sew a Button: and other nifty things your Grandmother knew. I am intrigued by this book. For years I have been teased about being an "old soul" or a "domestic" or "old for my age"... I distinctly remember my cousin asking me if I shop in the old lady section at the department stores... "where else do you find a cardigan", she asked. Well, ha! Now they are all the rage, and being domestic, crafting, cooking, and generally taking care of your house are back in style... at least in my circle of the world. I can't wait to check out this book to see what kinds of things they discuss. Apparently it is written with a sense of humor as well. I love how to books with humor.

So, do you think if I show my students a diagram like this one, they will be overwhelmed? hehehe

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