Jan 24, 2010

Wish List

So that I don't forget, I am going to list a few things on my wish list - things to buy when I have extra money, or things to ask my mom and hubby for for the upcoming birthday (still a couple months away, hehe).

First of all, a dutch oven. I found this one at World Market. You can see a link here. I have been in the kitchen a lot lately whipping up all sorts of new recipes and I have run across quite a few that suggest using a dutch oven. I know I don't have a ton of room in my kitchen, but I feel as though I at least need to be adequately prepared with the basics so that I can continue my new found hobby.
Next, a pretty pie plate. It doesn't have to be this one, but I did find this at Anthropologie (my favorite store ever, btw). Food tastes so much better when it comes out of something that looks pretty, right?
And speaking of looking pretty, isn't this cute?? And incredibly well printed! I think it would look awesome hanging from my silverware drawer where I usually stash my kitchen towel.

Other items I would love to add to my kitchen/home collection include:
1. Saladmaster pans. I have 1 that my grandmother gave me and I swear everything turns out better in Saladmaster.
2. A compost bin and a pitch fork. I have started a compost pile, and so far it is going pretty well. Drew even took out a load of composting materials last night in the rain, isn't he sweet? It would be a lot better though, if I had a bin to put said compost pile in, and a pitchfork to turn it.
3. A pretty table cloth that actually fits my table and that you can't see through. All of my table cloths either are too short or too thin.
4. A drill. Ours died the other day and hanging art and curtains will be incredibly difficult without a new drill.

In other news, Keep Calm and Bake on is on it's way to my house! Yay!

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