Mar 21, 2010

Gonna have a BABY!!

Oh my gosh... I... don't even know where to begin! Drew and I are going to have a Baby! I am totally in shock and totally happy and all sorts of emotions that I can't quite sort our just yet. I don't know too many details yet, but I think I am about 4 weeks along. And if I am right, that will put the due date at very late November or early December.
It has been so much fun to tell all our family - life has been quite crazy lately for my side of the family and this was such welcome news. My mom and dad yelled and were so excited. Meme and Papa were probably the best response I got, hehe. Papa got this huge grin on his face, and when it finally dawned on Meme what I was telling them, she started crying and grabbed on to me in a 5 minute or so hug, hehe. Jerri said she already guessed, so she wasn't surprised, and the girls didn't seem to interested, haha. Drew's mom was just leaving a baby shower for a friend of hers when she heard the news, and Drew's dad was in a Sportsman's Paradise.
On Saturday, we had gone over to some friends house to hang out and I got pretty sick. I went home and put on pjs and got in bed, and just for kicks, I took a pregnancy test. The line was so faint I wasn't sure what I was seeing, so I took it into the den to show Drew. He wasn't sure either, so I figured I would wait til the next day and try again. In the meantime, my bff Macy had seen on Facebook that I wasn't feeling well and gave me a call. She is quite observant and figured out quickly what was going on, so I sent her a picture of the test. She was pretty convinced that it was positive, but told me that she was coming over the next day (Sunday) and would bring me one of the fancy digital tests that leaves no wondering. And it was POSITIVE! I was so happy that Macy could be there to go through that with me, haha.
Stay tuned for updates on doctor's appointments and due dates!

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