Apr 12, 2010

Week 7

pregnancy due date

Being pregnant is... well, different than anything I have ever experienced in my entire life. Never in the past would I have EVER been ok with being sick every day and tossing my cookies regularly. But I have to say, all I have to do is think "oh my gosh, I'm having a BABY!" and then I get this little butterflies in my stomach and it doesn't matter if I can't keep anything down. It is amazing how one little word on a stick that I peed on could change my life so drastically. Sometimes, I will be working on a project at school, or being busy doing something and I will temporarily forget that I am "with child" (haha), then something will happen - I'll start feeling yucky, get a bit of a cramp, or someone will call me "Mama", and I'll get this crazy electric shock feeling and smile, get nervous and feel like I am going to tear up all at the same time!

That brings me to my next topic... Pregnancy hormones. They are seriously intense and flat out crazy! Weird things have started to change - like my hair. My hair has been straighter than anything my entire life, and now all of the sudden it has a bit of natural curl to it. I love this! I can scrunch my hair and be ready to walk out the door in half the time it usually takes! The tearfulness is also something I will have to get used to. I am not normally very open with too many of my emotions, and these days when I feel any sort of intense emotion, I am tearing up! Not actually crying, mind you... just eyes watery kind of tearing up. Oh, and the weight gain thing. This part is really starting to get to me. Before you judge me, I know... it's for a good reason! But my goodness, I can't button my jeans!!! I have made many a promise to myself in my pre-pregnancy days to never ever buy a bigger size pair of jeans than I am in right now, and now as Mama Marcie, I can not even button these that I vowed for so long to fit into for the rest of my life! I guess it shouldn't bother me too much, but it does make me need a bit more affirmation that I normally need (Drew, hope you are reading this :) )

Today: Doctor's appointment and sonogram... hopefully I will get to hear the heartbeat today! I'll post another sonogram photo soon! :)