May 29, 2010

22nd Grade

Just got a really cute email from my cousin Gillian about all the things she learned in 7th grade. I didn't realize how much they teach you about hair and fashion in school, haha. Anyway, it prompted me to think about all the things I have learned lately. So, here is a list of some of the things I have learned in 22nd (or there abouts) grade:

  • If you add an extra $50 a month in Principle to your mortgage, your total amount due will ACTUALLY go down!
  • Not going to Target really helps the family budget
  • There is nothing about me that is good at "keeping house"
  • Being pregnant is the most surreal, unusual, wonderful, horrible experience I have ever been through in my life.
  • Hearing my baby's heartbeat is AMAZING
  • I love my family, even if they drive me crazy sometimes
  • It doesn't matter if you have friends at work. It wouldn't be called work if it didn't suck sometimes.
  • I love my students, even if they drive me crazy sometimes :)
  • There is much in life that is uncertain, but trusting in the promises of God will steady you enough to get through it.
  • Always write down your user names and passwords somewhere... it's a complete pain to forget them and then try to pay a bill.
  • People will tell you anything to sell you clothes at a Maternity store... including that you are "incredibly small framed with a large chest". Did they even look at me before they said "small framed"??
  • iPhones are great to have, but they make horrible phones
  • my husband is absolutely amazing and I love him very much
  • breakfast is important
  • So is midday snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and midnight snack, haha
  • You'll never remember everything, so make good notes and enjoy the moment while it lasts.
Well, that kept me occupied while I tried to figure out a user name and password that I forgot (hence that thing that I learned up there). But now I gotta get back to cleaning house! Diane is coming in today, and so are G and D and Lisa... looking forward to getting to see everyone, but must finish the house before I can have fun.

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faye said...

Ha! I like this list... :)