Jun 28, 2010

Baby Swag

This weekend, I went down to Austin to visit my Aunt Lisa and my cousin, Katie. We had such a fun time hanging out, and they were so excited to get to go baby shopping with me that it filled me with excitement too. I have been a little down lately because I have been so tired from my summer job, and just feeling quite awkward and uncomfortable (it's hard work growing a baby!), but spending time with these two fun loving ladies lifted my spirits and we had so much fun!
Plus, they spoiled me rotten. Here are a few of the wonderful early shower gifts I got from Lisa (with help from KK):
If you live in Austin, you should definitely check out this really cute baby boutique called Picket Fences. It was so cute, and they had some really interesting items. For that matter, check out Inchbug.com for even cuter things. But all advertising aside, these swaddler blankets are ridiculously soft and sweet. They are made by aden + anais and they are the Swaddler set. We originally fell in love with them because of the elephants, then because of the fact that I want to rip the box open right now and sleep with them myself, haha. These blankets alone have made me decide to go with an animal theme in the room... of some sort. Don't quote me on that yet... my mind changes itself a hundred times a day. But the fat little elephants are so flippin cute, and they would be easy for a Mama to paint to put in the room somewhere....

Speaking of animals - check out this adorably sly little Fox. This is made by the company Blabla, and I am convinced that it will be Bebe's favorite lovie - I mean, I want to carry it around with me everywhere I go, so why wouldn't the baby!?

And then, by far, the sweetest and cutest of all the baby splurge purchases... TINY tiny baby bamboo socks. These socks will change your life. They are so incredibly small and so incredibly soft and I can not wait to bring my baby home from the hospital wearing these sweet little things. So, whatever outfit we choose to bring baby home in, must coordinate with the green socks! I hope they still fit at Christmas time - I can't wait to show Grandma's these sweet little socks!

Mom and I also had a lovely afternoon on Sunday. We had lunch at Le Madeline and then went to Babies R Us and spent a year there looking at every single product on the shelves (well, close, haha). I think we might have come to a conclusion on the bedding that we like, though I still want to look around a little and wait to see if it's a boy or a girl to see if that changes my mind at all. (Speaking of which, 10 days til we find out!!!) I can't wait to go and register and pick out all the sweet little things that will help take care of my sweet little Bebe. Makes my heart just melt to think about bathing, clothing and rocking this little one... and makes all these aches and pains and uncomfortableness not quite so horrible.

So, this is the beginning of week 18. Almost halfway there! And only a few more days (10) until we get to find out if it's baby Boy Dodd or Girl Dodd, haha. Don't worry, I'll post photos and let you in on the "secret". You only have 10 more days to go vote on what you think it will be! Look to your right and vote, people!!


Maston said...

I have the greatest plushies in the world, but your baby isn't touching them unless he/she is named Maston or something else that I deem worthy.

lisa said...

Marcie - did you take a look at Fox in Socks Blabla website? They have SO many cute things. I want to knit all of them, but I don't live in Peru or know how to knit animals. Could be a problem! LOL