Jun 2, 2010

Pregnancy - Day 101

Can you believe it has already been over 100 days since this little baby's life was formed? Oh my gosh it has totally flown by. I can't even remember what all has happened in the past several months, but I know I haven't had as many moments to sit and reflect as I might have liked.
This is week 14 of Frijolito. I *think* that I have felt a little movement, but I'm going to give it a little longer before being totally convinced. It feels kind of like the twitch under my eye when I get really stressed out, haha.
Next week is my 4 month doctor's appointment. I have to wait til 19 weeks to find out the gender, so hopefully the first week in July. I can't wait! Only 5 weeks to go!

This weekend, Diane was here. We had a great time eating and shopping - seems to be our two favorite things to do together, haha. We checked out downtown McKinney - way cool! Lots of cute shops and restaurants. I will definitely go back there sometime. I did not find the two things I was looking for - an armoire and a short dresser, but I will keep looking. And if all else fails, there is always Ikea for the storage aspect of the room.

We did go to Babies R' Us and decide on a stroller.
It is a Chicco Cortina Travel System in Discovery (that's the color). Diane and I were in the store practicing taking out the car seat, folding the strollers down, wheeling them around aisles so that we could decide which one pushed easier. It was down to a Baby Trend model and this one, and this one won in my book hands down. It was much lighter, easier to fold and unfold, and seemed to be just a little better thought out. We also asked a few parents at the mall who we saw with this stroller, and it got pretty good reviews.

Another thing I found that I like a lot is this pack n' play:
It has the regular pack n play at the bottom, plus a newborn attachment at the top so that we can use it in our room as a bassinet for the first couple of months, PLUS a changing table attachment. Not to mention that I love the color. Very gender neutral.

I also found this crib that I like a lot:
It's made by Graco and got great reviews on the Babies R Us website. It is also only $169, which for a convertible crib is outstanding. I still plan on looking around for cribs though, to make sure I find one that we really like a lot since they are so expensive!

Well, now on to shower and run a couple of errands. Funeral this afternoon for my great Aunt, Beadie.

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