Jul 14, 2010

Goodnight Never Never Land

I'm in Love, I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it! - Buddy the Elf

Isn't this the most perfect and adorable crib bedding you've ever seen in your life? I nearly bankrupted myself buying it today, but I just can not stop looking at it and picturing our sweet baby girl fast asleep on the cute owl and tree sheets above a ballerina bed skirt... My sweet friend from high school, Donna, helped me pick it out since she is a visual coordinator for Pottery Barn Kids. This is a modified version of the Brooke bedding set.

Before you say "I told you so" or anything to that effect... I know! It's pink and ruffly, and everything I have stood against for so long now. But I couldn't help myself! It's just too perfect. The ruffles are balanced nicely by the blues and greens in the bumper and quilt, there are vintage inspired fabrics in the trees and birds, and it's a nature inspired "theme".

After setting it all up today, all I want to do is decorate the room. Why on earth do baby things have to be so expensive?? We still really need to get a dresser to use in the room for storage and for a changing table on top, and I'd really like a rug for the room since our house has a tendency to get very cold in the winter.

I found a really cool tutorial on a blog I read about how to use corn starch and water to create a paste to fix fabric on furniture or walls. It's easily removable with a little water, and looks like it will make the perfect fix for the huge stand alone closet thing we have in the nursery to bring it more into the theme.

Beyond that, just odds and ends and shower goods will fill up the space... can't wait to see what it looks like when baby comes!