Jul 8, 2010

Holy Cow!

It's a girl!

I am still totally trying to wrap my mind around this turn of events, haha. Don't get me wrong, I am so very excited to know what we're having, and to know that she is healthy, and to have gotten to see her for so long today and to hear her heartbeat again. I can not explain why, but for some reason I was fairly convinced that we were having a boy, so when the doc said "It's a girl!" I was a little surprised, haha. Will just take some time to adjust my thinking from rocket ships and science themed room, to something a little more feminine.

I think I was less scared about the thought of having a boy because I actually grew up as a girl (deep thoughts here... stay with me). So, having been a girl, I know the silly things girls do... oh please Dear God, do not let my daughter do some of the stupid things I did!! Oh man, I might have nightmares thinking of that thought... new topic!

Here is a profile shot of my sweet baby GIRL... gotta get used to that, haha. Doesn't her sweet little nose look so wonderful?

And the tiny little toes... can't wait to put socks on those little feet.

So, Dr. Reyna took a long time with us in the sonogram room... measuring everything she needed to, showing us all the sweet pictures of the baby. She was kicking up a storm during the whole thing, but after about half an hour of being pushed and manipulated, I think she was done. To tell you the truth, I don't blame her... So, she started covering up her face, but you can see a good arm shot. I still think it's pretty cute.

So, now I must go be quiet and relax a little... I am absolutely exhausted. Mentally and Physically. I need some time to process... I think today just made everything that much more real! I think it felt like I was playing up until now.

And for those of you asking, no, we don't have a name picked out yet, but we do have a list. I'm sure Drew and I will be talking about that now, though!

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meg said...

marcie, i am just overjoyed for you!!! :) yes, it does make everything seem real... especially when yall have a name picked out and you can start calling her by NAME. it's amazing. she goes from a growing little bean to a real tiny little person! enjoy all of this, go out and buy a little girlie outfit and take it all in. it's okay if you need time to process... that's a good thing :)