Aug 27, 2010

6 and a half months

Week 26, captains log...
oh wait. scratch that. :)

Week 26 has definitely been a trying one. Not necessarily because of anything having to do directly with the baby (well, the fatigue is probably a contributing factor, but I digress). This has been one of the longest weeks I can remember in the past 26 weeks... trying, annoying, tiring, but also productive and successful. I have to say, there have been days where I have had little daydreams about what it would be like to quit my job in an angry fashion. But when I am actually teaching, I love it, and I think about my sweet little one and all the things that she needs before she arrives and I decide to keep my day dreams as dreams, and persevere. Gotta keep remembering the Bible verse that says that "perseverance must finish it's work so that [we] may be mature and complete. Not lacking anything."

Sunday, Drew and I headed to the church we have been visiting for a while now and had a great Sunday school and church service. We headed home for lunch and some relax time, and then headed out to Central Market for Hatch Chili Festival! Hatch Festival is my 3rd favorite time of the year, directly below Christmas and then the State Fair. I am a foodie, and proud of it. I got the freshest Hatch tortillas I have ever seen, and they were SO good! I ate one in the car on the way home, and then I have made quesadillas a couple of days to take to school. I also made Hatch King Ranch Chicken one day for dinner. I'll post the recipe this afternoon when I get home. So good!

Monday, Drew started back to school. Though I totally feel for him having to wake up so early every morning, it is nice for us to both be back on a schedule. I can not tell you how hard it was for me the few days last week that Drew didn't have to work to wake up and get dressed in the dark... hard to actually wake up that way :) He is such an amazing teacher, and I thank God for that man every day of my life. I am truly blessed.

Wednesday, Drew went back to taking classes at El Centro. He is currently working on taking courses in paralegal studies.

The best thing about Wednesday... a friend of mine sold me a Groupon she bought for a house cleaning. Bit A Bliss House cleaning came out on Wednesday afternoon and cleaned my kitchen, fridge, bathroom and bedroom... sparkling clean! And it smelled nice too! It was such a blessing, and it inspired me to do a TON of ironing (did Drew even have any shirts left??), and clean in the den. The house isn't perfect, never will be, but I can not tell you how nice it is to have that all clean now. Everytime I try to do what the girl did when I clean, I end up sneezing my head off and being sick for a day. No fun!

Yesterday was one of those days... I was annoyed at so many things, and so thankful that my sweet husband and my BFF were there to listen to me vent all my frustrations.

And now we are to Friday... oh THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!! It started out with a rough patch... my maternity jeans don't fit anymore!! GAH! And it was Spirit day, so I could wear an FBA t-shirt, but after trying on 4 and none of them fitting, I finally found just one that was stretchy enough to accomodate my growing belly. Oh so ready to have my body back the way it is supposed to be! I miss my waist!

This weekend, Drew and I plan on a trip to Babies R Us for a great deal they are having right now. If you bring in old baby gear, you can get 25% off select new baby gear, and the stroller I have had my eye on is part of the deal. We have a crib that is missing a part, and they will take it as a trade in for the stroller! I will feel so much better having a car seat for my baby girl... then at least we will have a place for her to sleep, a few packages of diapers, a way to get her home from the hospital, and a couple of outfits. There are so many other things she needs, but this would at least get us started :)

Ok, you know you are pregnant when... last night I actually had a DREAM about eating a Dairy Queen Blizzard. How bad is that? I so want to get one this weekend :)

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