Aug 8, 2010

6 Months

It has been an awfully long time since my last blog post, and instead of trying to recap everything that has happened and make myself crazy, I'll give you some of the highlights from my belly book since I tend to keep that a little more consistently than I do my blog:

Week 21:
Left to go to Missouri to visit Drew's family. Kept very busy doing fun things. Drew went fishing, kayaking and shooting with his dad, while Diane and I did our best to stay cool, near bathrooms and well fed, haha. We did lots of antiquing and found the perfect dresser/changing table to use in the nursery. With Diane's help, we got it refinished and "antiqued" so that it will look perfect with the vintage/quilt theme I have chosen for the nursery.

Week 22:
Since Sunday marks a new week, the first day of week 22 was by far one of the best. The sweet friends at Mike and Diane's church threw a wonderful shower for us. Nicole was the ring leader to the wonderful festivities and I highly appreciate all she did. It was beautiful, and we came home with lots of clothes and diapers for our sweet little one. I need to snap some photos of the sweet things we got and post them here. We feel truly blessed after that wonderful party!
I didn't feel great this week, but that has stopped surprising me. I love being pregnant because of the baby, but I hate everything else about being pregnant, haha. I haven't been comfortable in quite a while now, and I'm just kind of ready to feel some semblance of normalcy again.
Another great thing about week 22 was that we went to go see Despicable Me. Seriously one of the funniest movies I have ever seen in my LIFE! I can't wait to see it again.

Week 23:
Last week was a bunch of nice, covered in sneezes and itchy eyes, haha. Drew and I had a nice time resting and relaxing at home after our 2 week trip to Missouri, but it seems that as soon as I got in the car to come home, my allergies switched into demonic gear and haven't let up since. My eyes are so itchy that they are starting to look swollen and totally red. Luckily I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so maybe she can suggest something different to help me get some relief.
On Thursday, we decided to make a somewhat impromptu trip to the Hill Country for a mini vacation this summer since we really hadn't gotten to do any fun traveling together this summer. On our way to San Marcos for the night, we stopped at Innerspace Caverns. I have always wanted to stop there, and though I am glad to have the experience, it definitely did not live up to my expectations. It is a privately owned cave, rather than on public land, and so it was much more expensive than either of us expected. They cram as many people on each tour as they possibly can, and then take you from the bright Texas sun, down a tunnel into a dark cave, where the first thing they do is put you in front of bright spot lights and take your picture with a bright flash. Then they shuffle you back into the dark cave before your eyes adjust. On the path back to the cave, they happen to have a huge rock that juts our into the path at apparently 6'1" exactly... and poor Drew's head connected with the rock and he got a pretty huge gash on the side of his head. Looks pretty horrible. So, in this picture, he doesn't look so happy because he has a bloody gash on his head:

The cave was pretty cool, and they do let you take photos, which is nice. Longhorn caverns, which is a much nicer experience, only let you take photos without a flash, which is difficult at best in the darkness of a cave. Though, I did see on their website recently that they offer a photographer's tour... might be something I want to look into. This next photo is of a painting by a local artist of the types of animals they found in an archeological dig of one of the sink holes in the cave. I can't remember the name of it, but they said this particular animal was as big as a volkswagon bug, and they found a ton of them buried in the cave that fell in from one of the sinkholes.

After leaving the cave, and stopping at Dairy Queen for one of many blizzards on the trip, haha, we headed to San Marcos. Our first stop was the Aquarena Center at the University, where we took a glass bottom boat tour of the springs of the San Marcos River, and checked out the aquarium and other spots along the start of the river. Absolutely beautiful, clear, blue waters. I would have liked to have spent more time on the river, but we had things to do and places to see!

We stayed at a B&B overnight that was very nice, but warm and bright lights at night... not to mention the train that passes through near the University ALL NIGHT LONG! I didn't sleep very well that night. But I am getting ahead of myself.

After checking into the B&B, we headed to the famous Salt Lick for dinner. This is a very well known bbq place in Driftwood, Texas and it definitely lived up to it's name. We had a great time talking and enjoying some tastey bbq, and Drew proved his excellent driving skills on the 2 lane, curvy, hilly, high speed limit drive on the way there and back. Have I mentioned lately how much I love that guy??

Friday, we woke up and went to breakfast at the... bed and breakfast... yeah. Did I mention that I hadn't slept very well? Well, as soon as we sit down, the lady puts a champagne type glass in front of me full of OJ, and before she had even filled Drew's glass, the first thing I do is spill the whole dang thing all over their nice, white table cloths. Lack of sleep, pregnancy hormones, and the Asian guy at the next table who laughed at me had me at the verge of tears, but I reminded myself that we do not cry over spilt OJ and did my best to enjoy the breakfast. I was sure that this was an omen for a horrible day ahead, but I was wrong Thank God!

After breakfast, we donned our swimsuits and headed out to Hamilton Pool. This place was AMAZING! It was kind of a trek down to the swimming pool, so I didn't take my camera, but it was by far the most beautiful location we have seen in a while.

I borrowed this image from so that you could see how amazingly beautiful this place is. It is this cool little swimming hole that is fed by a river that falls into this cave like area by waterfall. You must go there sometime.

After swimming for a bit, we hit up the Nutty Brown Cafe for lunch and had the biggest chicken fried chicken I have ever seen (as big as my face, no lie) and some of the most amazing mashed potatoes I've ever had. Again with the not taking pictures thing... I blame it on starvation, haha.

All in all, it was a great trip and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful Hubby to take me to all these cool places. He was so sweet watching out for me and taking care to make sure I didn't get hungry or dehydrated... not to mention stopping for my many potty breaks. This baby thinks it's hilarious to kick in the bladder area. So not funny - and if she keeps it up, she's grounded!

People have been asking for a new belly shot lately, so I quickly got Drew to snap this one this afternoon after my nap. Not quite the best photo ever, but you can see how big my baby bump is getting. I can't wait til this little girl is here!

Six months down, 3 to go... 3 very busy, full, exciting months to go!

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