Aug 30, 2010

90 days

As of today, there are a mere 90 days left until my sweet girl is due to arrive. She still doesn't have a name, but we are getting closer to narrowing down our options. She has a place to sleep, a way to get home from the hospital, diapers (but no wipes), and a couple of outfits. Though we could be (and will be) a lot more prepared, we are ready with the bare minimum of what she will need once she is here... and I am so ready to meet her! I hate to admit this, but I am not one of the ladies you hear about that glows during pregnancy. I pretty much hate everything about how I feel right now. I am so tired of the extra weight, of not being able to breathe or bend down to pick something up off the floor, of the heartburn, etc etc etc. But I would not trade it for anything. Knowing that I am about to have a daughter is one of the most amazingly HUGE things I have ever faced in my entire life. I am so thrilled, so in awe of the surprising path God has placed before me, and yet so terrified that I won't be ready, that we won't have the money to do what we need to do, that I will do something wrong and scar her for life! Life is already changing at an alarming rate - who would have ever thought that I would rather go buy a stroller than a new outfit?? I say all this to get it off my chest, but I hope that you all know how happy and excited I am. I want nothing more than to have this baby - despite the uncomfortable body, or any fear. In fact, I know without a shadow of a doubt that God has me, Drew and baby in His hands, and has since before she was even conceived. I know that He will continue to provide for our needs (even when we find that Blockbuster online is not a true need :) ). I am so excited to see our family grow - SO very excited for her first Christmas, her first time to go to the Fair with me. I await with anticipation those days when we can snuggle on the couch and watch a Pixar movie and eat popcorn. Every time I even begin to think of another little stocking hanging from my mantle I just tear up and get so happy. And footie pajamas... let's not even start on how amazingly cute and snuggly that will be!

I wanted to commemorate 90 days left with a picture, so I quickly snapped one this morning on my way out the door with my phone. I'll try to remember to get Drew to take a real one later to put in the Belly Book. I can't even remember what my waist looks like! I want it back!!

This weekend we went to Babies R Us and got a GREAT deal on her stroller and car seat. Isn't this box huge? I was considering last night what furniture we have in our house that I can get rid of so that we have room for all the baby stuff and a Christmas tree, haha. As soon as Drew carried the box in the house, Clark pawed and marked it as his - he doesn't have claws, so when he paws at something, that is his way of saying "Mine". Oh what changes are in store for our sweet kitty, haha.

Drew was a trooper and went with me to Babies R Us after dinner and the mall... can you believe that they are open until 11 pm on Friday nights??? Who decides "Hey, Target is closed and we have nothing else to do, let's go shop for baby gear!"?? Just crazy, I tell you. They are having some great deals right now, and it was hard for me to not be tempted to buy things I know we will need instead of waiting til after the shower. It was a good thing I had my level headed hubby with me :)

Ok baby, 90 days or less, are you listening to your Mama??

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meg said...

i hope i can encourage you by telling you that i have been exactly where you are, with those same fears and uncertainties... and i have been amazed at god's provision along the way :) he always provides for your needs. enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy... believe it or not, you may miss that feeling of her kicking inside of you... there's nothing like it! but then again... there's nothing like seeing her smile at you either. soooo many awesome things ahead of you, marcie!! yay yay yay!!