Jul 7, 2011

Daddy Drew

We've had quite a productive day at Casa de Dodd and I want to tell you all about it. But first, I'd like to take a couple of paragraphs and pictures to tell you about my husband, the Doddfather, as he is known by many.

This is Drew.

I have no concrete evidence, but I am pretty sure he is the funniest guy in the whole world. That's why I married him... Well, that and he's really cute, but I digress. His shirt speaks the truth... He is in fact, a science teacher, and a darned good one at that. He was once named "coolest teacher" by his students. I guarantee you I would have learned a lot more had he been my teacher.

Not only is he very smart, but he rocks the geek. He collects, reads, studies, and reviews comic books, and also loves video gaming. And if all this weren't enough to make him super cool, he is also very into hiking, zoos, nature preserves, etc. Quite the well rounded individual, no? His taste in music could use a little tweaking (ha!) but I can live with that.

The reason I bring up this awesome individual is to tell you a story about last night, with help from his facebook status and a photo of my to do list for this morning.

We were scheduled to host playgroup today from 10- noon. I like having things like this at my house occasionally because it forces me to clean beyond my normal tidying and sweeping. So, I made it my mission to give all the areas where our guests would be a thorough cleaning. As usual, things take a bit longer with Isabel around, and so I fell behind on my tasks. I am incredibly lucky in the chore department that Drew cleans the bathroom and the cat box, and splits dish duty with me. So I'm cleaning away, realize it's after 1 am, hurry and finish and make a list for myself of a few things to remember to do this morning.

This is what my list looked like this morning when I woke up:

If you're having a hard time reading this, he assigns himself the tasks of rocking out with air guitar solos, punching bees in the face with a righteous anger, and injecting Mt. Dew intravenously. He gave me the task of being the best mom in the world, but checked it off as done. (aw!) I love this. The unexpected little lol's that I get throughout the day are the best!

And speaking of Lol's, this one made me rofl, or even lmao....

His Facebook status last night:
Does it take anyone else twice as long to scrub a bathroom Because you have to stop frequently to rock some righteous air guitar? No, just me? *sigh*

(I should mention that he cleans the bathroom while using the awesome Bose earbuds I got him for his birthday last year to listen to metal.)

Anyway, he has made me laugh a lot lately so I thought I would share. Hopefully it made you laugh too, and if it didn't, you either need your pulse checked or You haven't gotten to know Drew well enough yet :)

And by the way, the bathroom is very clean. :)

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Robin said...

You are doubly blessed, my dear!!