Jul 16, 2011

Follow Me on Pinterest

I recently received an invite from Pinterest.  Have you heard of this?
As far as I can tell right now, it is a place where you can gather all the inspiration you find on the interwebs in one convenient location and share the images with your friends.  Really cool concept.

I haven't gotten very involved yet... still trying to figure it out.  So far, my biggest complaint is that it is nearly impossible to "pin" something from my ipad, which will severely limit my use of the site.  I am rarely on our desktop computer these days.

So, check out my Pinboard, but don't be upset with me if it doesn't get updated often.  :)

Mama Marcie on Pinterest

1 comment :

Rebecca said...

Pinterest is where I got that link I sent you on FB where I said :

I think you should make this: http://pinterest.com/pin/45721979/

I love looking at it every day!